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Transitions And Transitional Devices August 18, 2012

Meaning And Overview Of Transitions

Transition is the phrase or it can be the word that links the sentences and the paragraphs to maintain the flow of the words. It creates soft connection between the texts of the document. The best transitions are the key to join the paragraphs, and connect the disconnected phrase or the paragraph. The good writers don’t deal the paragraphs like the different idea in fact with the help of transitions that writers refer one paragraph to another. Transition stimulates the audience to react in a certain way on the basis of your ideas.

For developing good and clear transitions, it is necessary for the writers to underline the connections among the paragraphs, means to underline the main points of one paragraph which exists in the precious one. The main objective of every type of writing is to send the message to the audience in a presentable way and with concise and clear form. Transitions facilitate the writers to connect the paragraphs, sentences in a logical way so they are helping the authors in achieving the objective of writing.

There are many situations when the writer needs to make an effort to proper develop the transitions in the document like when the instructor after checking writes on the paper that how the phrase is related to the above phrase. Sometimes your friend and colleagues say that it is very difficult to understand the relation between the first paragraph and the second, so this is the point where the author needs to revise the transitions. The conciseness and clarity of transitions totally depends upon how well the writer has developed and organize the paper. Transitions are good for the better and clear paper but it is not the alternate to the organization of the written document, so the organization and the transitions both are essence for writing.

Types Of Transitions

Following are the types of transitions which the writers use while writing:

Transitions among the sections of the written document.

Transitions among the paragraphs.

Transitions among the sentences of the paragraphs.

The writers should use the transitions in the sections, paragraphs and in the sentences so to make the concept very clear. To show the relationship of similarity the writer can express that relation with the help of the words just as, so to like this to express the relation of contrast the word however could be used. For showing the relation of cause/effect the writer can use the word consequently.

For the readers only the information is not sufficient but the readers also need the proper layout of the information with respect to proper grammars, spellings and sentence structure. While writing, the writer used to do the following activities to complete the document according to the type of the topic like add, compare, prove, exception, for showing time, for repeating, for emphasizing etc. So there are many transitions available which one can use while writing: where as, yet, however, in spite of, so forth, in brie etc.

The writers should know all the know how of writing the paper, because writing needs time and creativity on the part of the writers. The writers are the one who can develop a creative document and they are the one who prepare a useless document, the useless document is the one which lacks the organization in the text and proper transitions in the paragraphs and sentences.