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Make Google Default Search Engine February 2, 2019

In today’s world dominated by the internet, you cannot simply exist without search engines. There are plenty of search engines on the internet that boasts of their all-encompassing searching power, but when it comes to the best searching engine on the internet, Google always comes to our mind as the most reliable and trustworthy search engine. Google is the premier search tool on the Internet today, featuring not only the best Web search engine, but many additional features including a directory, image search, current news, user groups, and more. What has made Google the search tool of choice for so many users? This will become clear if we look at how search engines work and what makes a good one.

Using Google search,

your search will cover more than 8 billion URLs and index size is not the only factor that determines the quality of the result. Google search also uses the likelihood of relevant results to determine the quality of results. Compared to other search engines Google produces results that only match your search terms. Without this method of matching, your search will produce results that have nothing to do with your search terms. Google shows a snippet of the text that matches your query which gives you a preview if a page is going to be relevant before you click to visit it. You can access cached pages even when the original page is gone although the information on cached pages is not the most recent information about the site it still contains useful information. Learning how to make Google my default search engine has improved the quality of online searches.


is the most popular search engine because of the number of relevant results per search, it’s easy to use interface and the very helpful options for broader or more specific choices. Aside from simple searches, Google also provides services for locating images, directions and news headlines. To make Google your default search engine, you will be needing a desktop, a windows operating system and an internet explorer web browser. As soon as your computer starts, click on the “Start” button on the desktop or the “Windows” emblem on the bottom left-hand corner. In the search of box field, type in “Internet Explorer.” Scroll upwards on the results box that opens up.

Click on “Internet Explorer.”

Wait for the Internet Explorer web browser to open. Click on the “Tools” tab of the Internet Explorer. You should find this in the upper right-hand of your screen. On the scroll down box, click on “Internet Options.” Delete the default search engine or home page that appears on the “General” tab. Type in “”, which should be your desired search engine in the empty field. Click on the “Apply” button. Close your Internet Explorer window. Click on the “X” on the top right-hand corner. Open “Internet Explorer” once more by clicking on the “Start” button, typing in “Internet Explorer” and selecting the browser by clicking on it. As soon as the window opens, the Google home page should automatically show.