Is Paraphrasing Prevent you from Plagiarism?

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Is Paraphrasing Prevent you from Plagiarism? July 4, 2021

Information is easily available over the internet that made life easier for us in every aspect. Sitting in front of computer you have access to every kind of information and knowledge, even to places that you cannot, normally visit.

While creating or copying content many people consider that the work should be entirely their own after modifying it. But many other new writers’ impress by your work and copied text. In this way, previous knowledge is the building block of your work. Plagiarism detection tool is the best when you don’t remember the source from which you have gained inspiration or where did you find the supporting arguments for your analysis. Also, most books digitized and it is not hard to find even the exact lines that you need to cite.

How to Prevent From Plagiarism?

In order to effectively counter plagiarism, it is essential to understand what constitutes it. The boundaries between imitation, borrowing, replicating, and plain copying are very hazy and confusing and you may think you have merely referred to another person’s idea, almost innocently, but it actually makes your work plagiarized. So here some simple ways prevent you from duplication.

Effectively Paraphrase

People often confuse paraphrasing with plagiarizing. If you take a line or paragraph from another author’s work which supports your point of view, you need to cite it properly or else it will become a case of ‘copy and paste.’

Paraphrasing is understood as changing the words of the sentence while reproducing the same idea, even if you shift around the sentences it may still be very close to the original. This not only saves your work from being branded as plagiarized it also shows your appreciation for the author.

 Use Online Utilities

The online duplication checker becomes the beacon of hope in such a bleak situation. This is an automatic way of avoiding duplication. To help such a situation there exist plagiarisim remover. There are many intelligent softwares, which is normally available on the internet for free. They are simple to use but considering any tool you should carefully analyze plagiarism tool features. You simply need to copy-paste the article in the online checker and it highlights all the lines and paragraphs that have been copied from anywhere else. This allows you to find out just how much of a work is plagiarized and if it isn’t properly cited then you can easily chastise the author of the work.


Plagiarism is a serious crime, as stealing another person’s ideas or words. That’s why it is always better to cite the source that you have used for supporting your argument. These online utilities for duplication checking make life much easier becuase it is humanly impossible to actually go to that many sources and find where certain lines and paragraphs have been extracted from. People can now check where the text is copied.