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Interesting articles August 17, 2012

Different people have different interests, writing interesting articles for everybody is not easy task. Everybody has the interests in very different things and it is the way this area becomes so diversified. Interesting articles are the ones, which keeps people enthusiast about the next post of that blog. Once the person has developed this curiosity then your interesting articles are actually interesting for that individual.

Now the question is how to write these interesting articles? For writing these kind of articles you must be purely updated about the current affairs, fashion news, internet news, new technology news, etc. Let’s suppose if I have to write a blog on new android technology of cell phones. In order to do this I must know about all the functions, applications, problems, good and bad things about the phone which is having android and also the about the services and qualities of android applications. If we talk about apple, they have not introduced android in their cell phones, now the question is why? Iphone basically is famous about its applications and the usage. If they introduce this android in their phones then nobody will be there to buy the paid applications of iphone, everybody would be using these android free applications and apple business will go down.
Now if we talk about Samsung, which has introduced new Galaxy series phones. The Samsung Galaxy is the smart phone series in which all the cell phones are having android in it, which attracts the people towards these Galaxy series and the best thing is their prices are very low compare to iphone and gives the same quality of usage and features to its users.
So writing interesting articles on technology will be easier for everybody and you will also be in touched with all the new technologies in the market. Interesting articles also helps you to get you known around the people through your interesting articles. If you are the traveler or the person who loves to go and journeys can also share his or her real experience with the whole world through these articles. People who want to know about those places will get knowledge from these interesting articles and will remember you when they will go there.
Interesting articles can also be about the new and upcoming fashions, styles and attires. Whatever the season is nearby you can write about that like if autumn is coming so you can write about the new clothes variety of this season and so on. Your article must be informative and interesting that give the updated knowledge to the people so people will again come over to read your articles. You have to write articles in a way that it shows curiosity about the next upcoming new things in the market and you will be the one who will be writing the brief introduction about that new thing. Writing these kind of informative blogs makes you famous around people and you get the knowledge of all current and new stuffs in the markets.