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Infographics A Digital Marketing Essential April 24, 2019

Visuals and Infographics: A Digital Marketing Essential

A digital Marketing Essential

Digital marketing is enjoying its essential status in the world of marketing. It is one of the hottest trends of advertisement with escalating popularity. Visual social media platforms, like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and a whole lot of assorted sites are said to be the hub where influencers meet. Businesses and marketers are making an absolute use of such pivots to maximize the marketing potential of the products and services they offer.

Many are using the traditional way of written content marketing ignoring the fact that visuals can conclude more information in an appealing manner where the viewer consumes the information quicker. The online reverse image search engines are heavily reliant on the marketing features they offer.

Not only visually focused websites give your business exposure to a mass user market. You could also use it to strengthen the content marketing. The following hard-to-ignore reasons explained about infographic will make a question. Why you are not making use of the visually enriched digital marketing for your business and why you should implement it right from today.

5 interesting reasons

Why you should go full throttle with the visual marketing campaign for your business venture

1. Visual content can generate more views

More Views

Jumping straight to the facts! According to the research report by renowned MDG advertisement, with having a visually engaging content post will generate around 94% more views. The news articles and press release will be likely to observe 14% more traffic if they contain photos when published.

2. Visual content

More easily understood and is processed faster by a human brain

The target audience can have a much better understanding of the material which is hard to read with the visual addition in the posts. Therefore, they can understand the message regarding a brand, and result, the business can receive positive feedback. Since, with visual addition of elements, the targeted audience is initiated to take action.

Reading blocks and blocks of dull and colorless texts can be tedious and time-consuming. By adding visuals, your content can receive more attention from the audience increasing their span of interest.

3. Chances that your visual content can go viral

Visual Content can go Viral

If people can relate or find your visual content interesting, they will share the posts making it reachable to a much wider audience. Visuals that may go viral can bring numerous amount of traffic back to your site which increases the probability by up to 60% converting the users into potential customers that can contact you for the business purpose.

A tip is that you always place a logo or something is associated with your business so the audience knows where the post initially came from.

4. Bring in more subscribers and followers

More Subscribers and Followers

A well depicting and compelling visual content can generate more engagement on your posts. Social media apps like Instagram which are all visual can help increase the number of followers with attractive visual posts that can convert them into buyers of your product or service.

If an article or a blog post is optimized with images, videos or infographics, there are chances of a 37% more engagement from the target audience.

5. Visual content can translate and impact human emotions

Psychology says that colors influence a lot of people’s choices and emotions. Certain color combinations can affect and generate different types of emotions among the users and potential customers, they can shape their purchasing decision. With visuals, 40% of those customers tend to provide positive feedback, unless the content is plain and boring.

It is believed that 90% of the information that our brain process is based solely on the visuals and are non-verbal. A well-balanced combination of text and visuals can effectively utilize and play their part in valuable digital marketing. The tips mentioned above will unleash the true potential that businesses and marketers dream of that reaches out to the targeted audience.