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How to Contact the Plagiarist February 8, 2019

There are many ways to find the plagiarists of your work. You can search a part of your original content through the search engines and see if any links other than your own website or blogs show up. If not, you can try changing the content or remove quotes. You might be able to find some plagiarist. The ideal situation is that you don’t find any website where your content is re-used without your permission.

All is well in such a scenario;

however, if you get to find any website that has your stolen content, you need to go further and see how to contact the plagiarist.

Do not let it go. Letting the plagiarist go is just like letting a thief go after he has been caught. He’ll only be encouraged and will steal again and with more confidence next time. He knows he can get away with it. However, if punished, he’ll remember the consequences and would most likely avoid doing it next time.

Another point of view is

that the plagiarist might have done it unintentionally or he/she might not be aware of the copyright laws due to being from a part of the world where it doesn’t really matter what content you use. In this case, it is better to see how to contact the plagiarist rather than thinking about how to punish him right away. is a Pro Tip

You might be able to resolve

the matter in the first attempt to approach plagiarist. He might realize and take the information down from his link or might give a proper reference of where the information was taken from. This way you’ll avoid any bad feelings that the plagiarist might hold for you or vice versa. Moreover, you should give the plagiarist at least one chance to correct himself.

An important thing

when contacting the plagiarist is that although it is suggested not to be rude, you should make sure you mention about the laws about plagiarism and mention the consequences in polite words. You can say so in a way that you don’t want the plagiarist to get into some trouble and hence thought you should inform them what might happen as a consequence. You should also mention an approximate date by when you expect the content to be removed or credit to be given.

Most of the people

Those who steal content do not respond, but in order to avoid any inconvenience. They do it quietly and avoid doing anything like that in the future from the fear of coming into the limelight again. Some may even write back and give lame excuses and some might even apologize.

In the worst-case scenario,

the plagiarist never gets the email; it either goes to junk or bounces back. In cases like these, you have all the reasons to go for the next step, which is taking legal action against the user. You can either report it to the host of the website by looking up on the Internet or as per the copyright laws, report it legally.