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How to avoid plagiarism August 17, 2012

The term plagiarizing means to use the content, ideas, or words of any person without praising him. According to international laws it is basically stealing and there are many laws and regulations for it. A few years back plagiarizing was very common, but as it was impossible to check the entire internet and websites for the similar content, most of the people were unfamiliar with it. Thanks to the improvement in the technology and with great knowledge plagiarism checker and software were introduced that actually checks for the similar content in all websites.

I must tell you that even there is a strict rule for plagiarizing, but there are thousands of writers who are still copying and stealing others work, but how do they do it. Copying is not illegal in your research paper or publications, but you should acknowledge the actual writer and must produce proper citation for it. If you haven’t done that then you are plagiarizing.

There is a very common question asked by most of the amateur writers that how to avoid plagiarism? There are many ways in order to avoid plagiarism, among which one of the most common is using some famous content checker or plagiarism software. This software is the basic answer to the question how to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarizing software tells you if the content is copied or not, and if it is copied, then it also cite the websites where similar content or phrases are already written.

According to many people it is barely possible to write a content that is 100% unique because they say that any sentence would be similar to any of the billions already published writings. This is not true because the most efficient plagiarism tools doesn’t check for the common phrases, but they actually look for the whole content and for look for similarities in the content.

Another very common way and the purest way of how to avoid plagiarism is not to copy anything from online websites, but write it with your own knowledge and in your own wordings. There is no way that a content written by you without copying anything from any website or publication is detected as plagiarized by the good plagiarism checker.

There are many tools available online that are not very efficient and one must only use the renowned content checkers in order to make sure that their content is 100% unique. If you publish a plagiarized content online without proper citation, then it is illegal and the person or organization whose content you have published can sue you and can raise this matter in the courts.

As nowadays there are writers available that are ready to make articles on any topic without proper knowledge, but they would read about the topic online. There is nothing bad in it, but one must make sure that they don’t copy the words and phrases while writing their own article that they have read. I hope this article helps you to understand how to avoid plagiarism.