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Free Writing August 17, 2012

Writing is an art to articulate your feelings, emotions, ideas, and knowledge in a systematic language. It is also defined as a textual expression of language. Free writing is a sort of style in which you can write speedily. Free writing style is exceptionally popular among many professional as well as non-professional writers.

There is no time limit for having a strong grip on free writing style. The more a person practices writing in a language, the more gets a strong grip on that language. Any person can write in a smooth flow by practicing anything on the paper. When the speed of writing increases up to 50-60 words per minute, the article of 500 words can easily be written in 10 minutes. If you can finish the article of 500 words in 10 minutes then you can approximately write 6 articles in one hour time. After one hour, one can assess and proofread the articles one by one and add up a final touch to all the articles within a short period of time.
Many writers claim that the chances of mistakes are exceedingly high in free writing style. It is not totally true because chances of mistakes always differ from person to person. For example, if you are an excellent writer then you can write anything quickly by avoiding backspaces during writing. When you finish the first draft and review of that draft then one can distinguish that there are fewer mistakes in the first draft. There can be spelling, grammar mistakes which can be removed easily.
Free writing style usually suit to professional writers. Professional writers can easily practice and grip on free writing. There are certain rules that should be followed while writing in a great flow:
• When you are writing then don’t think about the mistakes and just keep focusing on the topic that you choose to write.
• For writing speedily, learn the art to overlook backspace key.
• Don’t make corrections while writing.
• Write non-stop up to 10-20 minutes time period.
In addition to the above certain rules of free writing, use the writing tool which is most comfortable for you such as pencil, computer etc. It is not compulsory to think about punctuation during free writing. If you can avoid punctuation then you can make free writing faster and more fluent.
Anyone can do free writing at any moment but the problem is to write properly. It is much important to have a powerful grip on grammar as well as one should have good vocabulary. Once you combine all these skills then you can write in a flow but you can also deliver the assigned writing tasks so quickly.
Some people hesitate to write because they have a fear that they cannot write. Such problem can be easily resolved once they make a start with the technique of free writing. People should not worry about any mistakes but try to write whether you have a grip on language or not. You can improve your writing by showing your writing stuff to a language expert as well.