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ECONOMY ARTICLES August 17, 2012

The use of economy articles is not just confined to the mundane happenings of a daily life. As they say, the politics of the times is determined by the economics of the times and the economics of the times is determined by the politics of the times. The recent upheaval in the Mediterranean country of Greece and its repercussions on the future of European economic stability has made more and more politicians quite alert to the slight economic changes. To effectively stay in politics now they have to continuously sift through a range of economy articles. Similarly the students of political science who are interested in unearthing the real workings of political economy of their respective nations would also find economy articles quite useful.
The economy articles are also a lot more effective and informative for the corporate and strategic managers. In this competitive world, empirical evidence and scientific knowledge can lend a great fillip to the growth of any organization. By continuously updating themselves by reading the economy articles, the managers make decisions that could be useful for the organization in the times to come.
Now, as we have discussed the over encompassing importance of economy articles, let us discuss something about their sources and the qualities that they should have. Being the easiest source of information, now days, the internet is proving quite useful to the people from all walks of life in helping them find the economy articles of their personal criteria. Be it fiscal and monetary reforms or be it the developmental cuts in the next budget, you can literally search for everything on the powerful search engines. Apart from it, the print media is also full of economy articles as major weekly and magazines have started devoting a major chunk of its editorial spot light on the issues generally related to the economy.
Now let us talk about the content of the economy articles. Since economy is a science that bases its reasoning on assumptions, so we must first assume that the information being provided in the economy article comes from a verifiable source and can be proven through empirical evidence. Secondly a good economy article should be free of personal bias or any hackneyed mentality.