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Developing An Outline July 18, 2019

The outline means systematic plan of completing the assignment/research. The outline expressed the hierarchical relationships of text. These are used not only for the article writing but also for the book writing. It aware the audience about the ideas, and material covered in the whole document.

The other name of the outline is the road map which composed of the points without the detail of the text material. In writing, the outline organized the material in a proper way. There are two types of outlines which are as follows:


In topic outline is different than the sentence outline because of the length of the phrase, because in topic the writer used to write not very lengthy phrases. As we have mentioned above that the outlines are very essential while writing, but the fact is that the writer can write a good report without having the outline but t o make it more better the writer should go for the outlines. It is just like the tool for the organization of data in a professional way.

The students in schools and colleges are frequently using this tool while writing the assignments and research papers. Usually the speakers are fond of using the outlines guidelines which facilitate the writers to develop the outline:

The writer should compose

the outline by adding three parts like the introduction, body and as well as the conclusion.

The subparts should be symbolized by the numerical numbers, capital letters etc.

For making an outline it is better for the writer to jot down the ideas that should be in the paper, brainstorming is the better option for the writers.

The writer after jotting all the ideas should refine the ideas with the strong words and avoid the vague words. Without the outline it is impossible to do the research and the survey because there is so much information and knowledge available every where that there could be a problem of improper flow of information, so it is necessary for the writer to make a list of topics relevant to the main thesis statement.

The researcher should develop the outline in such a way that the audience can easily get to know what is in the research paper by only seeing the outline. For creating an outline, firstly the person needs to know about the reason of writing the paper, the audience. If the writer follows the following four steps then it would be very easy for them to prepare an outline:

Brainstorm: It means to generate ideas and thoughts.


To organize the ideas generated from the brainstorming.


Arrange the text/data in concrete form.


It means to develop the main type of headings.

The institutes should help the students from the very start to make a habit of developing an outline before formally drafting the paper because it is a fact that as we know that without the blood the body can’t work same like this without the outline the paper is not of much value. Other way to develop the outline could be through the use of components like parallelism, coordination, subordination and division of the data. The outlines are not only for the written assignments, the presenter can also make the outline for the verbal presentations in order to have a strong grip on the topic.