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Cyber bullying articles August 17, 2012

Cyber bullying means bullying by the information technology medium like internet social interaction websites like twitter, face book, my space etc. Cyber bullying is seen operational even by the mobile phones. It is one of the most destructing social evils as one do not feels safe any where because he is consistently being threatened by the bullies. Children become psychological patients and the teenagers even commit suicide by the fear of it. As the students can make them selves safe and can ignore the class room of school yard bullying but they can not escape the consistent bullying through done through these gadgets.

I is one of the biggest problems of the age. Cyber bullying is as harmful as any other kind of bullying as it turns the children and the young people against social interaction, friendship and they fail to trust any one. This leads to discouragement, frustration, depression and abandonment. This as an extreme result forces the victims to commit suicide. The major reason or way in which the victims are bullied is these social interacting websites where the young people and even the children are found making friends, communicating with entirely unknown people. This whole process is most of the time being done not under the supervision of the parents. The victims instead of consulting this issue with any elder member of the family do not let even their parents know about it as they feel that it will make the situation even worse. They are of the view that their parents would not trust them and the matter will become even more complicated. And when it comes why do the people do cyber bullying then the answer is that frustration is the evil which causes them to do so. The reason behind the frustration may be financial crisis, personal clashes etc but the depression comes out in a negative way and they start bullying the people weaker than them. It is seen that most of the cyber bullies are the teenagers which are not properly guided and there depression issue is not sorted out in a positive manner. This leads them to bully other people. Cyber bullying is progressing because of the lack of communication between the children and the parents. If the bullies communicate with their parents their frustration will never reach to this peak value. On the other hand if the victims tell this problem to their parents and the communication gap is removed then this evil will not make them psychological patients. The measures to be taken to eradicate this evil of cyber bullying are to write more and more cyber bullying articles on internet. Websites upload cyber bullying articles suggesting the cure of this evil. Parents as well as children should read these cyber bullying articles so that this evil can be eradicated from the society in a proper manner. Websites should also upload more informative and helpful cyber bullying articles so that our young generation could be saved from this evil.