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Current News Articles August 17, 2012

Articles serve the purpose of information and entertainment for readers. Current News articles are explanations of variety of issues, affairs and ideas which recently happen. They usually involve those stories which we read in newspaper or listen on television. Must include the five Ws, who, what, when, where, why, and how. They get old and outdated on daily basis. The purpose may be different depending on the media it is meant for. Such articles focus particular audience interested in such issues. Readers are curious to read them so they must be satisfied about topic. They highlight single event or news which is taken from any authentic resource.

The readers of these articles are totally depending on the writer who describes those details that are appropriate: the weather, the type of room or scene where the news took place, how the characters are involved that is hooking your audience. Any type of event is reported in unbiased way. The articles are time bound as it encompassed current topics so they outdate quickly. They include the information which author is providing them. In order to make such article more authentic the story or event must be researched from other various sources to have complete grasp over the subject matter of news. The utmost important step is then to cite that source.
People don’t have time to read fancy wording in news so the words and terms used must be kept simple as much as possible. The sentences should be written in a conversational format. It will sound like real speech which is more effective. Try to keep one idea focused in one sentence to make it more understandable. Since current news articles are direct speech to public so active voice must be used in sentence construction as they tend to be shorter and more to the point. We must put the attribution, the source of the information at the beginning to make it more authentic.
Unnecessary information and data must be excluded from these articles. Write in as balanced and objective a way as possible. Any facts explained must be attributed to or quoted from another point of view. The event must be told by focusing mainly on the by facts and figures. One must try to collect several photos to go with the story, or give us details on where to find some. Quotes enliven the subject of a story so use as relevant quotes as possible. But person’s own words must be used with quotes effectively and selectively. These articles must be free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes.
Explaining the article on any current news is a good way to keep the readers hooked and persuading them how the topic is situation based. The reasons of writing such articles must be emphasized to show your strength in that area. The key is focusing on the news story, citing its source and to highlight the public benefit involved. As public benefit is the main focus of all media sources.