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Creative Writing And Avoiding Plagiarism April 14, 2019

Why should you choose to be a creative writer and say no to plagiarism when writing stuff?

The answer for the professional writers is pretty clear but the ones just starting with their writing careers, the issue of plagiarism might need a little more clarification.

For those who have not heard of the term yet, plagiarism is when you choose to add content in your written material or pick the entire written piece from another author and without citing his/her name, you display to the public this content as yours. This is considered very unethical in the writing world and you should steer clear away from this practice.

Why Should You Adopt Creative Writing?

Creative writing is when you truly create content from your mind and on most occasions, it is not the professional writing that is done in a newspaper or other forms of mediums.

Poetry is considered creative along with stories, fiction, dramas and other pieces of writing materials that require you to think out of the boundaries of professional writing. Why you should adopt this form of writing style is because this type of writing has a scope. The best scope is in movies where you can write stories and earn huge profits for writing great stories – you could just be the best Hollywood writer.

Creative writing and avoiding plagiarism

are considered vital by companies and many other organizations that might require you to come up with original content to form a particular advertisement, marketing campaign or message.

The more creative the content, the more interest people will have in it. Furthermore, creative writing tends to be natural and there are fewer chances of slipping under the shades of plagiarism when you are creating stuff from your mind. Eventually, this type of writing requires skills and further polishes the skills of a writer.

Why Avoiding Plagiarism?

You must have heard parents telling their children that they cannot spoon-feed them everything.

Definitely, you don’t feel happy to be spoon-fed by someone in your life but plagiarism is just that. You don’t do your own stuff, you don’t use your mind, you don’t create your ideas, you are not inspired, and you don’t become a true inspiration: all you do is pick content from other writers and labeling them as yours as you present it before the public. Not only does it put you in the danger of getting caught for an illegal action but also has moral effects on your personality and professionalism.

When you have become voracious

for using other writers’ content, you lose the ability to think of things yourself.

Your ability to be creative with your thoughts is lost and if you are asked to write about something, you feel your mental energies have gone stagnant and you are not able to write a single creative sentence. This narrows or simply kills your chances to get accepted as a writer by any company or organization. You are just a plagiarist who has no scope in a professional world.