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Considerable Actions Against Plagiarists December 30, 2018

As much is it important to find out if your content is being plagiarized, it is also important to know what to do once you find out. You are definitely not helpless. And, you definitely do not need to stay quiet. If you do, you encourage the plagiarist to do so again. He/she would not only steal your content but others’ as well. By trying to stop it at your end, you might be helping a lot of other writers, who should be admired for their work.

Staying Polite

One of the few considerable actions against plagiarists is contacting or approaching them directly. This is the best way out if it helps; it saves your time as well as any negative impact that the plagiarist might get. However, sometimes a request is not enough, especially when the plagiarist knows that the copyright laws in his/her part of the world are not strict enough to harm him for this act.

Reporting to Authorities

If approaching did not end up being enough, you can go further with reporting the plagiarist to different authorities. If the website where plagiarized content is used is a user of AdSense, it can be reported and even blocked. You might not have to do anything else.


if the website does not use AdSense, you can lookup for their host online and report to them about the illegitimate use of your content. If proved to be guilty, you would be glad to know that the whole website might be blocked and the plagiarist would learn the lesson of his/her life.

This would be set as an example of you post a couple of blogs about the incident and even for the website committing this crime. This way, many other potential plagiarists would be shunned away from doing the same.