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Primary Research August 18, 2018

Meaning Of Primary Research

Primary research is the type of researcher in which the researcher needs to go out to collect the data in the form of the interviews, questionnaires etc, it means together the data from the real world; observation and surveys come into the primary research category.

The skilled writer is the one who know how to gather the primary data and the secondary information and then able to write and align both the information into the paper. The primary research is very essential to learn for the writers because it is very necessary to collect the authentic information from the real source.

If you are not a good writer and don’t know the actual expertise of writing even then after doing certain planning and preparation any one can do the primary research even the new writers , every student of the colleges and universities.

The topics which are not studied in detail before can get more benefit from this type of research like the primary research. Primary research offers benefit in the following situations:

When the student is doing research on some specific team of people or on the particular individual.

The research is on the very new topic.

It helps in comparing the local trends with the specific international trends.

Kinds Of Primary Research Following are the kinds of primary research, the students used to select these kinds to complete the research accurately:


Interviews are very helpful in offering the accurate information regarding the topic; this research is on one to one basis. Interviews are much time consuming and costly. It is based on smaller information.


Surveys are very rigid and offers smaller amount of information, but here the larger population is involved.


In observations, the students used to write down the observations related to the events and the different occurrences; this involves the UN biased view point of the people.


It means to gather the data and then write it in an organized way. The analysis is carried out to search for the certain pattern.

Requirements For The Primary Research

Before to conduct the primary research it is necessary to know about the questions like, what the author likes to find out, the methodology of research, who are the participants of the research, how one can get the access to these participants, write down the biases if have any, what is expected out of the research, these are the questions which one needs to answer before going into the primary research, because if the student wants to complete the research efficiently and effectively then try to organize and break the works into smaller parts and then try to accomplish those tasks which leads to the successful completion of the paper.

Ethical Considerations Related To The Primary Research

The author must get the permission from the participants before collecting data from them. One should avoid the language which will hurt and annoy the subjects because the subjects are the most important aspect of the research. Fair consideration should be there while doing the research. The student is responsible to give all the facts in a very proper way because any in accurate information leads to wrong perception about the topic or views etc. All the mentioned considerations should be focused by the students and the instructors should review their students work regularly.