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August 18th, 2012

Chines Writing symbols

Writing is a very beautiful art which help a writer to express his feelings in a better way by giving them the beauty of words. A writer feels very comfortable in writing when the words used by him are of his own language as the comfort scale is much more in that. Different languages are being used for writing and they are being understood by people of different areas. Among the languages Chinese is considered to be the most difficult language as it is compiled by different languages which as a result of combination give birth to unique and difficult language.

Within the China their regional language Chinese have different and various dialects all over the country which people speak and understand at particular areas. There writers use the dialects which is being spoken in their region as for them it is more comfortable. Along with the words and alphabets Chinese language is unique in a manner as it has different symbols used for communication. The history of Chinese symbols falls back at 3000 years which was invented from the drawn pictures. Pictures were drawn for the objects which resemble them so that recognition and communication could become easy within the community.
Language do have many dialects in the country and is different at different regions but symbols used for the Chinese language are same all over the region and are being followed and understood by every Chinese though their dialect of language can be different. For the symbols a standard set is used with the help of which symbols are drawn for various objects under vision. After the discovery of china the first emperor stated the rule that to use same symbols for the objects all over the country so as to spread the communication net and enhance it all over the country.
In china it is tradition that students learn about the Chinese symbols in their educating life so that it could be helpful for them in their growing future and could help them to communicate easily with the other people and in a better way. In their colleges and schools students are supposed to learn many pictures which for practice they write on plain papers with the help of paint and brush which help them to learn it easily. Different methods are being adopted for students so that learning of these symbols become easy and they could make use of them easily.
Chinese symbols are very much important in the Chinese language for the Chinese as it helps them to create atmosphere of brotherhood and harmony among them. With the help of these symbols people can communicate easily in the areas where the language is not understandable and make themselves able to communicate with the people with different dialects of language. These symbols are not difficult to learn as few of the pictures are being learned and with the help of that symbols can be created easily for the various objects and things which are under notice.