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Childhood Obesity Articles August 17, 2012

Obesity is the condition where excess fat is stored in the body and has adverse affects on the health of a person. Likewise childhood obesity is when excessive body fat starts having negative effects on the health of a child. Because of changing lifestyles this kind of obesity is increasing, a major cause is the computer games which majority of children are playing these days. Children are always chubby but when the fat gets out of hand it should be a warning for the parents and they should pay attention towards their child’s health. Obesity can be measured through the Body Mass Index because obesity is measured through a set criterion.

According to the Centre for Disease Control if BMI is greater than or equal to the 95th percentile it is referred to as obesity. This problem is becoming a serious health problem in many countries and so doctors and nutritionists are trying to spread as much awareness about it as possible through media and education. There is a lot that people still don’t know about childhood obesity because many people still think that even if children do become overweight they will lose the puppy fat with time as they grow older. That is true but only when the child is not obese, if the child is obese he or she will face a number of health problems.
If you want your child to lead a healthy life then keep monitoring his or her weight frequently and keep a look out for their diet. The best way one can get information related to this problem is through articles which are available on the internet and in various health magazines. But be aware that not all of the articles published on the internet are valid some are just published to give false information to people. Always make sure that the article which you are reading is from a valid source otherwise there is no use of reading such an article as it will only confuse you.
Articles on childhood obesity will give you a lot of information about this problem and how you can tackle it if your child is going through it. Once you identify the problem you will also be able to find articles which give the causes of childhood obesity and how to help your child lose weight. But make sure to consult a medical specialist as well don’t experiment with your child’s diet on your own as it could have damaging effects. Childhood obesity is not that big a problem if you take some precautionary steps for it.
If you want to give your child a healthy life then make sure to keep his or her diet and lifestyle in check make sure he or she gets adequate exercise and discourage a sedentary lifestyle. Search the internet for light exercises for your child. If obesity is in your genes then you need to be extra careful with your children. A healthy life is every child’s right, make sure your child gets it.