12 Awesome Benefits of AI Chatbots for Businesses and Customers

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<strong>12 Awesome Benefits of AI Chatbots for Businesses and Customers</strong> January 17, 2024

Businesses always look forward to streamlining their operations using the best technology possible. Similar has been the case with the arrival of AI – it’s widely used by businesses in chatbots to improve customer support.

For any business, it’s important to provide the best experience to customers. If you aren’t able to communicate with customers in the right way, you may not be able to retain them. On the other hand, if you offer excellent customer service, nothing can stop you from becoming the talk of the town.

AI chatbots aren’t just beneficial for businesses; they also bring advantages to customers. If you are wondering about the specific benefits offered by AI chatbots, then you are at the right place.

In this blog, we are going to share 12 awesome benefits of AI chatbots for businesses and customers. So, let’s dive into their discussion without any further delay! 

Benefits of AI Chatbots for Businesses and Customers 

1. 24/7 Availability

Customers feel more connected to a brand when they get responses to their queries at any time of the day. The AI chatbots are quite helpful for customers when they need to find an answer to their queries at an odd time. The manual customer support isn’t available 24/7 for their assistance. However, an AI chatbot is available around the clock for everyone. 

It makes the customers feel welcomed by the businesses, as they don’t have to wait for the clock to strike a specific time so that they can get in touch with the customer support of a business. Traditionally, the brands set time durations for customers to reach them. However, the arrival of chatbots has broken this barrier, as these automated assistants can address customers’ queries 24/7.

2. Better Customer Journey

A business’s sales funnel needs to be smooth enough for the customers so that they can sail effortlessly in this entire journey. From the point of coming to your social media page or website to finding specific details about the products you’re offering, it’s essential for you to provide a seamless user experience. Otherwise, if the customers face any problems and are not able to find the solutions for them on time, they may revert back, and you can miss out on making a potential sale. 

The AI chatbots can save your business from this nuisance, as their integration will ensure a better customer journey. For instance, if your checkout procedure is complicated and the customer isn’t able to proceed, they may look for some help before completely abandoning their purchase. The AI chatbot can help them understand what they need to do for checking out by providing a suitable solution as per their query. 

3. Lower Cost

Another crucial benefit of AI chatbots from a business perspective is their cost-effectiveness. Undoubtedly, you cannot completely hand over your business’s customer support to AI chatbots, as there are many complex queries involved in this domain that can only be understood and addressed by professionals. However, there are some easy tasks and queries with straightforward responses for which you can take the assistance of AI chatbots. 

Hiring a specific person to handle responses for simple FAQs, which are almost the same for all customers, increases the business’s cost and lowers its profit. In contrast, integrating an AI chatbot to handle these queries will be much more cost-friendly. Therefore, it can be beneficial to use AI chatbots instead of hiring more staff to manage your customer support.

4. Improve Sales

With the inclusion of a sales chatbot, businesses can see a significant rise in their sales. AI-powered chatbots trained for sales purposes can provide a competitive advantage to your business. In simple words, the AI chatbots can work as your marketing agents with which customers can interact in real time. 

From enhancing their know-how about your products or services to directing them toward shopping carts, there is a lot that AI chatbots do, which can result in skyrocketing your business’s sales. You won’t be leaving any customer unsatisfied due to the availability of the chatbot; hence, it will lower the bounce-back rate and improve sales significantly. 

5. Personalized Experience

Customers love to shop from those brands that offer them personalized experiences. To turn one-time visitors into loyal customers, you need to make them feel valued. With the integration of AI chatbots, you can achieve this objective quite efficiently. Many businesses are still not using chatbots to collect data from their customers, as they feel it might give them a feeling of being scammed. However, as the world progresses, customers are becoming aware that businesses collect their data to provide them with better customer service. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity, as by collecting responses from customers, you can recommend relevant products or services to them. In addition, chatbots are helpful in letting customers know specific details about their shopping. For instance, they can easily track the status of the product delivery they ordered with the chatbot.

6. Multilingual Support

The Internet has made it quite easy for customers to shop from anywhere around the globe. Today, nobody is restricted to buying products only from their local town shops, as the ecommerce platforms have broken the accessibility barriers that once existed. 

For that reason, it has become crucial for businesses to make use of an AI chatbot, which can understand and respond to queries in any language. If you don’t break down the communication gap between your business and potential customers, then your business won’t be able to achieve your desired success. 

You can train the chatbot to ask the visitors about their specific language at the start of the conversation, and then it can communicate with them accordingly. It will prevent the customers from getting nervous about entering the wrong queries in their non-native language. Consequently, you will increase your business’s revenue and have more satisfied customers.

7. No Waiting in Queue

Being a customer, you may have come across a platform on which you tried to get in touch with customer support but had to wait for a considerable amount of time due to the non-availability of support assistants. It creates a lot of frustration when we have to wait in a queue to get our queries answered by customer support. The AI chatbots can resolve this trouble for all customers, as it is capable of addressing multiple queries at any time. 

8. Better Customer Feedback

The AI chatbots can be programmed to request feedback from customers at the end of a conversation. Traditional support also involves this factor that allows the companies to know how their customer support staff is responding to the customers. However, individuals can easily manipulate it, as they may pass on only positive feedback and reject the negative ones. AI chatbots can help you overcome this issue by collecting and passing on genuine feedback from your customers. The collected feedback from customers can help businesses improve their operations. It will also allow them to know how their chatbot is performing and figure out the loopholes that need improvement. 

9. Enhance Engagements

AI chatbots aren’t just for helping businesses interact with customers efficiently. They also play a major role in enhancing the engagement of customers with brands. It isn’t easy for humans to connect with each other, as every individual has a different emotional state. However, AI chatbots are trained to adopt the behaviours and preferences of customers on an individual basis. They can understand what kind of products or services a customer will be most interested in buying; hence, it will respond to them appropriately and make them feel more connected to the business.  

10. Increase Lead Generation

The AI chatbots play an integral role in the lead generation for businesses. It’s time you should ditch conventional marketing methods and strengthen your grip on technology to grow your business exponentially. Generating leads isn’t child’s play, but you can make it easy by programming your chatbot accordingly. Chatbots can be trained to ask preliminary questions from individuals and pique their interest by showing results accordingly. You can also program chatbots to include links to the home page or specific product pages that can encourage individuals to take the action you want. As a result, your lead generation will improve, and the chances of conversions will also be uplifted. 

11. Easily Understand Customer Intent

Businesses can improve their understanding of customer intent by using AI chatbots on websites. AI is capable of understanding user intent on the basis of their phrasing and language. In simple words, AI-based chatbots can analyze the needs of customers based on their queries. In addition, it can also determine whether a customer’s query is neutral, positive, or negative. With this much clarity, the response to customers by these chatbots is unmatchable. The customer support agent might not be able to understand customer intent in such a manner, which may result in disappointing the customers. Hence, you can avoid this nuisance by utilizing AI chatbots and training them to find the intent of customers while interacting with them. 

12. Improve Agent Training

AI chatbots aren’t just popular in customer support; they also help businesses train their newly recruited agents. Due to the availability of AI chatbots, businesses no longer need to waste their resources on training new agents. The AI chatbots can be programmed to train agents about customer behaviour and how to respond to customer queries. As a result, they can save businesses from spending time and effort on training agents. It will also save costs for the business, as they won’t need to hire specific trainers or managers to provide specific training to newbies. 

Final Words:

In the last analysis, the significant improvement in AI and their inclusion in chatbots has benefited businesses and customers. Therefore, it has become essential for brands to make use of AI chatbots on their websites and social media profiles. By adopting this technological advancement, businesses can reap multiple advantages while offering the next level of customer experience.