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Basic Features of a Perfect Spanish Spell Checker February 28, 2018

You must have seen many non-Spanish people using different tools to check the spellings of Spanish words. Language experts claim that there are many Spanish Spell Checking tools which do not provide an appropriate solution for the spelling mistakes.

If you go online you will be able to find out hundreds of Spanish Spell Checkers but you can’t guarantee that all of them provide the excellent results. This is a reality and you can learn about this reality from a live example of a class of non-Spanish speakers. This class was conducted in some Asian Country and Teacher of this class was from Madrid (Spain).

All the participants

of this class were non-Spanish Speakers and they were taught the basics of the Spanish language. Initially, they started learning Spanish grammar and sentence structure. They were doing really well. With the passage of time, they started using the online resources for the translation of their English phrases into Spanish. They had been getting a lot of help from online Spanish resources to build their vocabulary. The students started practicing the phrases which they were learning by translating their English phrases.

Spanish teacher

had to experience a lot of difficulties to control this situation because the students were spoiling their time. Though they could learn new words of Spanish but different Spell Checking and Translating tools used by them were not providing quality translation. Most of the time the teacher had to laugh just because the students were saying everything out of context. It was because they were using the right words at the wrong place. It was found that most of the online Spanish resources were not based on NLP (Natural Language Processing).

If you intend to get some Spanish Spell Check for your personal or official work then you need to make sure that your selected Spell Checker must have following two major features. Without these two basic features of a perfect Spanish Spell Checker, it can’t produce the desired results.

• Natural Language Processing

It must be based on NLP. NLP is a very strong tool which is backed up by a database of words and phrases. The function of the NLP is to establish the interaction between the human language (your typed or written text) and the automated database. NLP will match the contents written by you, correct the mistakes (punctuation and grammar related) and suggest you the better arrangement of words and phrases. You will find that corrected text will be altered in accordance with the context of the document.

• Text Processing Libraries

A strong and powerful Spanish plagiarism checker or Spell Check must be equipped with text processing libraries of multiple versions of the same language. As you know Spanish is the second most spoken language all over the world. This is the reason it has different versions and accents in a different part of the world. Text Libraries may contain the features of all versions of this language. So it will help you to obtain the results in your desired version of the Spanish language.