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Types Of Articles November 1, 2018

What Are Articles?

Articles are writings related to different fields and professions. You can get the free articles to form the internet available on different websites related to education, business, finance, economics, science, technology, sports, products, politics, and the current affairs.

There are many websites which are specifically providing the articles and even there is an enhanced competition among such websites based on the website contents and the quality of the articles because higher the quality of the contents the more users visit the page and highly the page is ranked. Narrowing our discussion to the type of articles, you will find the categorization of the articles based on the fields and the area of their concern.

Types Of Articles

In most of the websites, the articles are grouped together based on the finance articles, marketing articles and so on. At the more general level in each of the category, you can find the two kinds of articles the first will be the news and the second will be the features. The first one deals with the latest updates on the relevant topic while the second one carries the information regarding the discussions and the criticism and the favoritism. There are different modes of issuing articles like in the books, in the newspaper or in on the Internet. However, it has been seen that the news articles are usually preferred to be published in the news because of their current aspects. In most of the weekly and the monthly editions, such articles are published. The publisher checks the quality of the content, as there are two parties involved the first is the publisher and the second is the writer of the article. On the other hand, the features categories usually hold excellent articles, which are sometimes included in the discussion section of a newspaper or over the Internet.

Website Containing Articles

Some articles are in the forms of research papers wither small or the large ones and they are very subjective and require the complete research to present to the people. Therefore, there are many websites, which carry such articles like Jstore or the Harvard Business School. Such website contains the authentic and the high quality web contents and to maintain the quality the laws of the copyrights are applied along with the small charges on the downloading of articles. There are many websites, which are not providing the authentic and the quality websites contents and articles to the users and are usually ranked very low. It will be honorable for a person who writes a research paper and it is published in the above-mentioned sites. Avoiding Plagiarism Is Articles

In case of the promotional articles,

Which are written just to promote the use of products or for the marketing purposes, the focus of the article is not on the information but on the good image of the product and also on the benefits and the ways to purchase the products. Mostly it has seen that the features articles are not available free and have some associated cost while news articles are available free of cost. The only issue is to minimize the Plagiarism and to control the duplication of the articles published and to minimize the disobedience from the copyrights, various methods have been adopted. Although the competitions among the websites have been increasing but the fact of the importance of the quality and the originality should never be ignored o underestimated.