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Annotated Bibliographies December 18, 2018


In the libraries, there are many publications, books; articles, etc are written on different subjects and in those research papers, publications one can find the bibliography as a major part in the document. The word bibliography means the listing of the sources from where the writer gets the research material. The sources incorporate the following:

  • Periodicals
  • Journals
  • Articles
  • Books
  • Magazines etc

The academic institutions ` help the students to know that the way of writing the bibliography because it is the major component in the whole thesis because the audience comes to know that from where the author holds up all the material. One can call the word bibliography by different others name such as reference, etc. There are many different formats according to which the writer can write the bibliography. The researcher used to have the title, name of the author and the published in the bibliography. The experts in research have their full focus on the bibliography because this page helps the researcher to find out about the effort done by the writer.

Annotated Bibliography

The type of project and research depends upon the detail of the bibliography. There is a difference between the bibliography and the annotated bibliography, an annotated bibliography, there is a summary of the information sources and the critical evaluation of the primary/secondary sources of knowledge. Under the consideration of the annotated bibliography, the writer can summarize the resource of information includes the arguments, the focal point of the book, the topics which are mentioned in the article or books.

The annotated bibliography leads to the comparison of the source with others so many sources of information, after summarizing the writer assesses the reliability of the sources. In this type of bibliography, the researcher works out on the fact that whether the source facilitates the research.

For the writers,

it is always better to do the research with the help of the annotated bibliography because with the assistance of this the writer can critically and carefully read the sources of information and one can pinpoints the irrelevant sources quickly. This type of bibliography facilitates the writer to know about the facts that what other researchers have said about the issue. The annotations help the writers to make their own viewpoint to support the thesis statement.

These annotations are very helpful for other researchers because the annotated bibliographies are in large number available on the internet and in libraries, and the coming researchers used to have these annotations for their researches. Following are the formats of the bibliography:

  • APA
  • MLA

MLA stands for

the modern language association and the researchers used to use this format in humanities.

APA is known

as the American Psychological Association and useful in the articles of the social sciences. It is the responsibility of the academic institutions to facilitate the students from the younger ages to follow the concept of bibliography while writing.

From the start,

The institutions should give different assignments to the students to write so that they can practice this exercise in a frequent manner just to be skilled in writing an annotated bibliography. Another way to learn about how to write the bibliography is to read the books on the internet written by experts. An annotated bibliography is the success of the research incorporate with actual facts and point of views.