An English Spell Checker Can Fix Almost All The Writing Related Issues

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An English Spell Checker Can Fix Almost All The Writing Related Issues October 24, 2018

English is an intriguing language, with interesting variations that have flowed into the various English Spell Checker Programs out there. A striking difference that we will all likely be aware of is the difference between British and American English. With this, the spelling of words, even more so than the traditional colloquial, we get a sense of what makes for an important consideration when setting up your Spell Checker.

Working with Regional Spelling Differences

This might seem like a minor consideration if you’re American writing in America for an American audience, and you might have your English Spell Checker set by default to your native English. But if you’re a Briton or a South African even, writing for an American audience, then the consideration is anything but minor. The differences in spelling are sometimes subtle, but not always, and as we all know, reading a document with spelling errors is an exercise that usually ends prematurely. Usually, by the third or fourth error, we discard the document entirely. It is the same for both fiction and non-fiction, both formal and informal writing.

Working with Various Native English Writing

With the number of writers today writing for the ambit of English readers, it goes without saying that you will need to be aware of the settings on your word processing program. The English Spell Checker can be a tricky thing to navigate, especially given that they tend to pick up your particular brand of English from the way you type the words on your keyboard. So your native strand will keep coming to the fore, and be deemed correct because the spell check will set automatically to make this so. What will then happen is once your writing comes out on the other side, the spell checker on that end, set to the recipient’s native strand of English, will turn your document into an unsightly river of red. An English Spell Checker can fix almost all the writing-related issues.

It might seem like somewhat of an exaggeration,

but people all over the world are extremely possessive of their languages. And with English being the accepted universal language, we are all incredibly possessive of our individual variations of the language. So don’t be surprised when an American takes offense to your British spelling, and vice versa. And don’t think that you can get away with blaming it on your English Spell Checker, the process of adjusting your settings so simple that there is no excuse.


You will come to find, particularly with an English Spell Checker, that the devil really is in the detail. So be sure to pay careful attention, not just to your use of the language techniques, but also to the audience for which you are writing. You can have a lot of fun with words, provided you use the right ones. And also, as many will attest, you can turn this fun easily into profit. But this is something that will depend largely on your ability to get it right, repeatedly, the first time! Make each word count by letting your spell check do its job, properly! There’s no real mystery there…