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Affects of Technology on Plagiarism December 29, 2018

It is quite obvious that when information has become so widespread that anyone from any corner of the world can access all type of information. This convenience comes with a few great inconveniences too, which includes believing in wrong information as correct and even worse, to copy it and spread it further.

Anyone consulting multiple resources for information might end up believing in wrong facts as a result of finding the same information through different sources.

It may eventually harm someone so much that if it’s about a medical condition or something related to life care, it might even become life-threatening. Hence, if it is very important to ensure the type of source you are referring to or quoting further.

Even more important is to mention the source.

In case you were unable to judge the source as being reliable or not, anybody reading it online might go to the original source and find out that the source was not reliable and hence cannot be blindly followed. There are many effects of technology on plagiarism when we consider it in the context of sensitive information being taken from online sources and to the extent its believed in by most of the people.

If you have not provided the source,

the reader might think of the information provided by you as well-researched information and might use it for a sensitive situation like a medical condition or as a source of secondary information for further research.

Many people, especially students, do not even know that they are plagiarizing and others do not have an idea about how much percentage is acceptable and how much is not. It is important to know the level up to which plagiarism will be tolerated in one’s field. Eventually, it is a crime and you can be held for it just like after committing any other crime.