Plagiarism Checker Free For Teachers

Unlike the old days, teachers are not only responsible for delivering of lectures in the classroom but also they have a greater responsibility that lays ahead of these lectures i.e. homework and home assignments which they have to check. Not every student is loyal or hardworking.  Copying other’s assignments and taking their due credit is quite common. Continue reading

Types of Plagiarism

Understanding Plagiarism

One of the most widespread forms of corruption is plagiarism, which is the act of copying someone’s other work and showing that as your own. The easy access to information and the online availability of the information through the online books and the libraries is playing an important role in enhancing the plagiarism. The easy access to knowledge is the demand of the age and the consequences are the threats to the development and prosperity of mankind. Continue reading

Search Engine

On the internet, a search engine is a tool to search for information and websites by typing keywords or key-phrases. Search results are presented as a list with a brief content summary. Results are also referred to as SERPS or “search engine results pages”. The information an engine searches may contain web-pages, pictures, and other files. Continue reading

Unintentional Plagiarism

What Is Unintentional Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is not only the cheating of the thoughts and the ideas of the other people but it is an act of stealing the intellectual property. There are various reasons for plagiarism and there are different views about the reasons for plagiarism. The understanding of the reasons of plagiarism is very important to avoid it. In most of the cases, people make the excuses that they even do not know about the concept of plagiarism, and they unintentionally fall in this act. Continue reading

Search Engines

What Is Search Engine?

Knowledge is the power of man and the ways to get the knowledge is the most difficult task. However, nowadays there are different ways through which you can easily access the information. The most innovative technology nowadays is the Internet that is providing you a direct access to information related to all of the fields. Continue reading