USMLE Courses

United States Medical Licensing Examination assesses a graduate doctor’s ability to handle patient care safely and to apply the knowledge effectively. If you are a doctor and want to practice medicine in the US, you will be required to pass this exam. The exam is divided into three steps. The USMLE Step 1 exam checks whether you can apply concepts of sciences that form the basis of your practice as a doctor or not. It is quite obvious that this exam is not just difficult but really hard to pass. Now, the question is how to study for USMLE Step 1?

Before you go for USMLE Step 1 registration, you must get familiar with the board and its requirements. Keep in touch with the latest news by joining any good USMLE step 1 forum and stay alert about USMLE step 1 schedule and USMLE step 1 test dates.

Now, for the study sources and USMLE Step 1 preparation, keep in mind that if you are aiming to get a 260+ score, you must stick yourself to your library chair 24/7. Among the must have USMLE Step 1 books is First Aid for USMLE Step 1 and you should use the latest edition of it, which is First Aid for USMLE Step 1 2001. This book, First Aid USMLE Step 1, is modified each year and is an absolute requirement. Other important books include USMLE Step 1 and BRS Path.

As we all understand that practice makes you perfect, you cannot expect to score without practicing a lot of questions. USMLE step 1 practice questions are a must do. Although free USMLE step 1 questions are also available, the best ones are that of Kaplan USMLE step 1 qbank. They are quite expensive but really useful. Once you start attempting the USMLE step 1 questions, you might score below even 50, but you do not have to get discouraged. Always use the USMLE step 1 score estimator to keep a check on your progress. USMLE step 1 sample questions and USMLE step 1 practice test are another very healthy source of good practice. This is a free source and you should take advantage of it in USMLE step 1 prep, as it will allow you to have a self assessment.

Another good source is the basic science self assessments, conducted by medical establishments. These are pretty costly but a very good way to find out about your weaker areas. Take the first test in the middle of your studies and focus on the weaker areas to change your strategies accordingly. You can take another test at the end of your preparation as well to further enhance the prep and just to have an idea about your average USMLE step 1 score. USMLE step 1 secrets lie in hard work alone. There are no short cuts; there is this simple rule; work hard and really hard, and the USMLE Step 1 is made ridiculously simple for you.

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