USMLE Step 1

Obtaining a high USMLE step 1 score is a big challenge for most of the medical graduates and students. It is the exam most doctors wish to pass with competitive scores. Huge volumes of material like USMLE step 1 books, USMLE step 1 reviews, USMLE step 1 practice questions and even prep techniques like USMLE step 1 schedule are available in all the stores. USMLE step 1 score estimator and USMLE step 1 test dates are also provided for, and USMLE step 1 forums are also there for you to talk to different students and graduates. Although they will let you have some idea about the exam and the board, the more you look into these forums the more you will realize that everyone has their own opinion, so it is best to have your own goals and your own strategy to achieve them.

The best you can do for yourself is to make your own notes and schedule. For this, you will have to have all the resources. Among the essential books are First Aid for USMLE step 1 2011, BRS Path, Lipincott and BRS Physiology. Study them thoroughly; cramming will not help you in anyway; instead, absorb the concepts and note down the basic points in your notes. Study through the fist aid cases for the USMLE step 1 and resources like USMLE step 1 made ridiculously simple. Next source is the USMLE step 1 qbank; Kaplan and USMLE world step 1 are absolutely necessary. You may also use, in addition to these, the free USMLE step 1 questions. USMLE step 1 sample questions and USMLE step 1 practice questions will give you a good practice and will help you track your own progress. You will learn many new techniques and concepts by attempting these USMLE step 1 sample questions and you should continue noting them down, as this will enable you to have comprehensive notes, which will come in handy for a quick revision.

There are medical authorities who offer practice tests and you can benefit from them as well. It is advisable to take the test twice; once in the middle of your USMLE step 1 preparation and then at the end. This will give you an idea about your average USMLE step 1 score as well as to prepare you for the original exam. Once you are done with your USMLE step 1 registration, there is no turning back and no special USMLE step 1 secrets; hard work is the only way you can beat the test; practice too matters a lot.

Once you are done with the prep, you will have your own self-made notes, key points and the basic concepts that you want to keep in mind. These notes will really help you at the end; you can skim through them and remember everything easily. Remember not to exhaust yourself and to have a positive attitude. The test is challenging but not impossible. All the best!

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