Creative Writing And Avoiding Plagiarism

Why should you choose to be a creative writer and say no to plagiarism when writing stuff? The answer for the professional writers is pretty clear but the ones just starting with their writing careers, the issue of plagiarism might need a little more clarification. For those who have not heard of the term yet, plagiarism is when you choose to add a content in your written material or pick the entire written piece from another author and without citing his/her name, you display to the public this content as yours. Continue reading

Graphic Design Inspiration and Plagiarism

It is pretty obvious that you will not want to be expelled from your college or school having caught by your teacher while cheating in the test.It is almost equal to stealing someone’s masterpiece of hard work. When somebody steals someone’s cell phone, guitar or a wrist watch you call that man a culprit, similarly nobody is supposed to copy someone’s ideas, thoughts or writings as it is also a kind of personal property. Continue reading

Why Plagiarism Is Considered a Major Limitation

If you have just picked writing as a profession or part time profession, you might want to get some idea about plagiarism. While it is a major limitation and boundary outside which the writers could become liable of legal actions against them, it is still in practice and many people lose their credibility due to plagiarism every day. It is better that you research and know more about plagiarism before you start writing for an employer on a professional basis.Plagiarism is like a plague for freelance writers and that’s why they should be most careful about it. Continue reading

How Professors Detect Plagiarism

College students have been working harder on their assignments and research papers than ever, and it is not just educationally – cheating is almost everywhere on the campus. A lot of students have admitted that they have been cheating or at least have once cheated during their academic career. In order to fight the growing plagiarism issue, college and university professors have realized that they need to be more creative to detect for plagiarism in submitted papers. Continue reading

Free Online Tools to Identify Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a threat that affects folks from various professions. Plagiarism is like fraud and cheating. Stealing people’s thoughts and ideas is a crime for sure, and is as bad as theft of anything else. Individuals like researchers, authors and writers spend huge amount of time, money and effort in writing an article, or publishing a research paper or a book. That’s why it is a crime as well as an unethical when someone reproduces it without giving credit to original writer. Thanks to the technological advancement, there are a few tools which can help us fight this menace. Continue reading