Progress Demands Plagiarism

Progress moves up on the grounds of success and dedication when the outstanding demands and ideas meet together on a flourishing platform. When these two factors of demanding and ideas are kept together, they come up and rise in terms of progress and development. In reference to documentation, plagiarism has been defined as showing someone else’s work as your own by not giving any source of credit towards the work done by the original author. Continue reading

Difference in Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement and plagiarism are considered same by a lot of people.Actually, they are two different things having a slight difference between them. These two terms are inter-linked with each other and are used at different situations and cases. In some places, the plagiarism and copyright infringement form a link between them, but in practical terms, they are two different sitcoms.

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Social Media is Causing the Problem Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is known as using another person’s work as your own without giving a credit or appreciation to the original creator of the work. This practice has been clicked as colossal crime towards the prescribed rules and regulations of writings, editing and copyrights terms. This is a fact that social media is causing the problem of plagiarism in today’s enormous internet world. The biggest examples of problems caused by plagiarism are social networking sites which are readily available across the web panel. Due to the advancement in social media sites it has been become difficult to avoid the eminent factor of plagiarism.

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Hilarious Instances of Plagiarism

Plagiarism means to cheat and cheating is more than a crime. Simple copy and pasted material is the cheating committed by non professional cheaters. However professional cheaters steal ideas and then transform them into their own wordings by rephrasing them. There are people who never feel ashamed of if they are caught for plagiarizing and others even don’t mind to feel the embarrassment. Continue reading

Avoiding Plagiarism Using Quoting and Paraphrasing

Before learning how to avoid plagiarism, it is important to understand what the plagiarism is. Plagiarism is a misconduct which involves using the work of others without their permission. Law attaches copyrights or patent rights to the research work of each person.

These rights say that no one is allowed to use the work without permission of the owner. And if someone does, he or she will have to face legal penalties and other punishments. Continue reading

Wave of Plagiarism in German Politics

A wave of plagiarism in German politics was seen last year when the German Defense Minister had to lose his job because he was caught for the plagiarism. He is not the only German politician who had to face such kinds of disgrace and embarrassment, but there are few other politicians as well that have been caught for being the plagiarists. Continue reading

WordPress Plugin to Avoid Plagiarism

This age has become a scientific and technological age. People make use of internet services excessively. Content writing and blogs are the techniques that are mostly used in order to promote online business. Plagiarism has become one of the biggest problems. While you are posting any content on the internet regarding your business, you can find similar content on any other site that has been stolen. The company which stole your content can publish it without giving you any credit. Nowadays, Google has different plagiarism tools that can catch the plagiarism very easily. Hence, you have to write your content in a unique way by using different techniques.

1. WordPressCopy Paste Plugin

“Copy Paste” is a WordPressplugin to avoid plagiarism which protects your content from being copied by people. Four choices are provided there and you have to choose one of them. These options include Protection by CSS, Home Page protection, Posts protection, Disable Right Click Option.

• Protection by CSS allows you protect your stuff without JavaScript.
• Home Page protection allows you to protect your all stuff.
• You can disable to select your stuff from your website by using Posts protection.
• You should choose Disable Right Click Option as it allows you to disable the right click option so that no one can steal your images.

2. Watermark My Image

This plug-in allows you to instantly watermark your pictures, whenever you publish it on your website, by putting a simple and personalized watermark within the unique picture. You may change the size and the shade of the watermark, as well. Clear Picture Watermark Plugin is one more plug-in that you can try for watermark pictures.

3. Simple Feed Copyright Plugin

This plug-in contributes trademark observe at end of articles in full written text RSS nourishes “2012. WPMile. All Privileges Reserved”, with backlinks to your website and unique content. Now scrappers would always back-link to unique content and your website.

4. iCopyright Toolbar Plug-in

You can add article tools through iCopyright plug-in. These tools include email, share and re-publish with an Entertaining Trademark Notice to allow discussing, certification, monitoring, submitting, and money making of content.

5. CopyLink Plugin

CopyLink is a WordPress plug-in through which you can automatically place hyperlinks below the writing duplicated from your web page. So, it means whenever someone copies written text from your web page and insert it in their web page, CopyLink will place automated hyperlinks to your web page below the duplicated content.

6. Place Copyright Banners on Your Website

You should place copyscape banner on your site that shows that you warn other users who want to steal your stuff. It will be very useful for you in order to prevent from copied material.

7. Plagiarism

Plagiarism plug-in queries on the internet for words in your content and WebPages that may contain copied material that is already available on the web (even in different perspective or on websites you do not know). So, that indicates this plug-in keeps you from being punished by Search engines by caution you against any copy material before content.

Filing a Complaint against Someone Who Stole Your Website Content

Plagiarism is not considered a crime in itself, but in some cases it is taken as a serious offense and morally as a very deleterious act. That is why, most of the authorities owning some of the data or text have also availed the copyright facility. This stops the people from stealing the content whether it is the website or articles or other write ups. This is considered as the most efficient system of managing the plagiarism and copying of the text and content. Continue reading

Plagiarism and Curation

Plagiarism has been defined differently by different scholars and experts of writing whether they belong to the field of literature or general writing like that of scientific papers, theses, books or web content like articles. It has been defined by law as appropriation of writing or data. It is specifically brought to concern when it is related with publication or purloining of the data or write up. This act is often considered more criminal when the publication of the same text is done without citing the original source or paying the rightful attribute to original writer of the write up or text. Continue reading

Plagiarism in Movies

Movies are considered the major source of entertainment but this sole source of entertainment is being infiltrated with the copying and plagiarism kinds of things. Previously the only true and wise concept about movies was that these were meant to be truly artistic in approach and original in concept conveying some sort of message or providing some definite entertainment. However it has been changed to a great extent. Continue reading