Microsoft has a program for awarding certifications in various disciplines of information technology. MCP is an abbreviation for Microsoft Certified Professional which consists of a series of certifications for information technology professionals and developers. These certifications focus primarily on their respective product, like MCITP which is for Microsoft Certified IT Professional, MCPD which is for Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, etc.

Acquiring the MCITP certifies that the individual has the necessary skill set to perform a particular job. This certification demonstrates the individual has acquired the skills and mastery of Microsoft technologies. There are a set of different formats in the MCITP exam and it’s good to have some knowledge about them before you go in for the exam. The first types of MCITP exam questions are basic multi-choice questions. You have to be careful while answering them as the multi-choice answers can be quite deceptive. There are generally 4 or 5 choices but you must read the questions carefully before answering them. The second types of questions are like the first one; the only difference is that you will need to select two answers out of a possible 6 or 7 answers. The third types of questions are Windows machine simulator based. In this you may be asked to configure the machine or troubleshoot it. These types of questions will be the most stressful and if you don’t know the answer its best to move on and come back to these questions after you have finished answering the others. If you spend more than 5 minutes in figuring out the answer, you will be wasting your time.
To clear your MCITP exam on the first attempt you must apply yourself and really study hard for it. As it’s an MCITP exam you will find plenty of help on the internet. The MCITP exam cost is $150 and you could get a voucher from Microsoft for 25% off the MCITP exam fees.
To help you prepare for the MCITP exam you could download MCITP exam dumps but don’t for a minute think that this will be enough for you to pass the exam. There are many different streams in MCITP certifications, therefore make sure that you fill in the right MCITP exam codes when you are registering for the exam. The streams in MCITP are Business Intelligence Developer, Consumer Support Technician, Database Developer, Database Administrator, Enterprise Messaging Administrator, and Enterprise Project Management with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, Enterprise Support Technician, Enterprise Administrator and Server Administrator. You may need to clear more than one MCITP exam to get the certification. As Microsoft keeps upgrading their software and operating systems and databases they keep upgrading the MCITP exam as well. Therefore you must ensure that you have completed the prerequisite exams before you take the MCITP exam. For each stream the prerequisites are different.
You have to follow the MCITP exam path to get the ultimate certification. Once you have got an MCITP certification you won’t have to worry about finding a job in the rapidly expanding world of information technology.

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