MCAT Courses

The MCAT test is required to get admission in any medical school. The MCAT is a computer based standardized test and has Physical sciences, biological sciences, verbal reasoning and writing skills questions. The MCAT is a 5 ½ hour computer based and most challenging test.

Passing MCAT is an important part to get admission in medical college. But the test all alone does not make or can break your chances of getting into medical school. Medical school considers many factors when you apply for the college beside the test.

The MCAT test can be taken any time after the student has successfully passed a year of Introductory Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry or Introductory Physics

The MCAT test registration can only be done through the Associate of American Medical Colleges. For confirm MCAT test date and location, student should get registered early. Students should take the MCAT test about 18 months before the entry in medical college. The minimum MCAT test score is 3 and highest test score is 45. Most of the colleges look for a score of at least 30.

The MCAT test takes half a day. It consists of multiple choice question answers for the physical science, verbal reasoning and biological science. But the writing section involves writing of two essays.

You can take different MCAT test preparation courses, MCAT practice tests for preparation and MCAT test questions. The best way to pass in MCAT test 2011 is to take many MCAT practice tests as possible. You should take at least one practice test before the MCAT test dates. Practice is the only thing which will prepare you fully. Free MCAT practice test will give you an image of actual MCAT test. For full preparation, you can take MCAT test dates 2010 papers to get an idea about pattern of test. Taking MCAT preparation test can help to get good MCAT test results

There are 25 MCAT 2011 test dates are they are held on different dates throughout the year. if you have decided that you will take MCAT test this year then it is advisable to register your date from 2011 MCAT test dates as soon as possible. if this year you are not prepared for MCAT test, then you can select date from MCAT test dates 2012. And if you want to get high MCAT test scores then keep practicing. Good luck!

MCAT Quick Facts

MCAT Test date: 28 times in year
DURTATION: 5 hours, 30 minutes
SECTIONS: Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Writing, Biological Sciences

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