ITIL Foundations

TIL v.2 was out in 2001 and it lasted until 30th May 2007, when ITIL v.3 officially replaced it. But it is to be kept in mind that the ITIL v.2 certifications are still being offered and acknowledged as industry standards. The main purpose of releasing a new version of ITIL was to give more clear and specific direction for IT service management, and to ‘fill in loopholes’ that were created through the earlier approach. In addition to the ITIL v.2 certifications, therefore, ITIL v.3 was also introduced.

A person needs to understand the difference between ITIL v.2 and ITIL v.3 before deciding which is the best version for you? You also need to understand that if you already have an ITIL v.2 certificate, you can upgrade your certification through a specially designed bridging course. The bridging course is designed to enable individuals certified in ITIL v.2 Foundation to study for ITIL v.3 Intermediate qualifications, and another to help candidates qualified in ITIL v.2 Practitioner to become ITIL v.3 Experts. There are unlimited benefits to IT professionals in being qualified with the latest qualifications for creating professional resumes and applying for new career positions.
The ITIL books are the ITIL foundation for its qualifications, and are designed as ‘best practice’ guides for the industry. The authors of these books are expert IT service managers, and these books contain tips from professionals from various industry backgrounds. ITIL v.3 volumes are focused around a new concept called the Service Lifecycle. The reason of incorporating a service lifecycle framework was to enhance the design logic, through which detailed process essentials could be launched at the proper stages.
The ITIL Foundation module is a standard for all ITIL V3 students. After by passing the ITIL Foundation level examination, the candidate gets 2 points. The ITIL Foundation module covers the following areas: Service Management, The Service Lifecycle, Basic principles of ITIL, Important terminology used in ITIL, Selected processes important to ITIL, Initial Technology and architecture.
Individuals who are thinking about getting the ITIL foundations certification are most likely to choose to begin with ITIL v3 foundations certification, as the ITIL Successful Candidates Register shows – there are already more than three times as many ITIL v.3 qualified candidates as those who have the ITIL v.2 foundation certification. This reveals the greater importance of real-world business strategy, and the more precise structure of the ITIL v.3 foundation course.
The new ITIL is designed to incorporate the best features of ITIL v.2, in order to develop an up-to-date channel for service management practice. The ITIL Foundation exam consist of 40 ITIL v3 foundations exam questions which are multiple choice questions, to be solved within a duration of 60 minutes .The candidate must score 65% in order to clear the exam. After passing the ITIL foundation course, the candidate can go for the ITIL Intermediate and then ITIL V3 Diploma/ITIL Expert. ITIL v3 foundations’ training is offered online through various boot camp and video sessions. So enroll in a training program and start preparing for the ITIL foundations certification so that you can expand your career in IT service management . Best of Luck!

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