The ITIL exams are offered in forms of separate modules; ITIL v3 foundation exams, intermediate, expert, and finally master level exams. Clearing each module will enable you to earn some credit as well as a certificate, for example, passing your ITIL foundation exam will give you two credits along with a foundation level certificate.

In order to achieve the master level qualification, you will have to earn a total credit of twenty- two by passing all the ITL certification exams. The modular approach of the ITIL v3 exams makes the qualification achievable and easier.

ITIL exam questions are developed and offered by accredited exam providers like EXIN while the issues like ITIL exam fee are decided by the ITIL board. The ITIL foundation exam is the basic level exam, which tests if you know the basic concepts, terminologies, and structures. As you keep on going towards higher level, you start understanding the examiners and their requirements better, but as for a beginner, it is harder to passing the exam in first attempt becomes harder. However, with the help of prep material available in large volumes it is not impossible to pass the ITIL v3 certification exams in the first go. Practice ITIL v3 exam questions and books from the ITI library are the best source to prepare for the exam.

The ITIL v3 foundation exam questions are offered as multiple- choice questions, and the time for completing them is one hour. There are total forty questions, and to obtain a passing score, you need to attempt twenty- six questions correctly. To get to know your exam, you can use ITTIL sample exam, or the ITIL mock exam. ITIL v3 practice exam can be downloaded for free from numerous websites; even the study guides are also available for free.

If your primary goal is just to pass the exam, you can use the ITIL exam dumps, but it is strongly recommended to do it after you are done with your preparations. Do not try to cram the solutions instead use the dumps as practice material to gain new concepts.

Training institutes and e-learning facilities are there if you want to opt for an instructor led training, but they might cost you a great deal. However, even if you choose to do self-study, you can clear the exam; the only thing you need to do is to study thoroughly, absorb, all the key concepts, and practice a lot.

Sufficient practice will enable you to learn how concepts are applied while attempting the questions. While sitting in the exam, you need to relax, yourself and ignore whatever is happening around you; focus on your exam alone and work according to your pace keeping in mind the time management.

Panicking during your exam will destroy your chances of success; if you do not know any answer, just make intelligent guesses and attempt those questions first, about which you are sure of. Do not leave any question unanswered if there is no negative marking; rule out the wrong options, and make a guess about the correct one. If you stay focused and do the required hard work, you can easily pass in the first try.

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