Comptia A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ Certification is one of its kinds that validates the knowledge and practical experience of individuals for entry level IT jobs. It is part of a variety of CompTIA Certifications offered by Computing Technology Industry Association. CompTIA Certification is available at different levels of proficiency and the CompTIA A Certification is specifically for the foundation level of proficiency in this industry. The other CompTIA Certification is related to networks, servers, language courses, network security, operating systems etc.

Technically speaking, CompTIA A Certification covers different operating systems as well as technologies which are offered by the top vendors in the industry such as Apple, Microsoft, Linux and Novell. It consists of two exams CompTIA A Certification essentials and practical application. Both these exams have 100 questions each, all of which are based on multiple choice formats. The time period for each exam is 90 minutes and both these exams can be taken in several languages, apart from English.

CompTIA A certification test is specifically for beginners, that is why the knowledge and skills required for passing this exam is also pretty basic. A CompTIA A Certificate candidate only needs to have 500 hours or 20 days hands -on experience in the lab. In order to pass the CompTIA A plus certification, knowledge of fundamentals of computer technology, security, networking and hardware, peripheral, networking and security components etc. are essential. Troubleshooting methodology, functionality of operating system, safety procedures and interaction with customers is also a prerequisite for qualifying for this exam.

All this might seem pretty basic to most of the individuals. However, in order to get a passing score in CompTIA A Certification exam, it is usually recommended to take some sort of CompTIA A Certification training. And, why go far for it, as the CompTIA website offers all kinds of information on getting the right kind of CompTIA Certification training, including CompTIA A certification practice test.

An individual who wishes to excel in this exam and start a successful career in this field must understand what is CompTIA A certification? CompTIA A+ is your key to jobs at various top IT Companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Dell etc. This is because all these companies consider this certification as mandatory for all entry level jobs. Even if you don’t plan to work for these companies, you would be able to get benefits in terms of a highly competitive CompTIA A certification salary with any company working in this field.

Even if you don’t get trained through some training centre or classroom based training, you just need to emphasize on the subjective and objective aspects of your knowledge. The best technical approach to this exam is refreshing whatever is fundamental for operating in this field., Tthrough which you can successfully run and fix a computer system on any kind of operating system and network settings. This exam will qualify you for a number of work areas as well as make you eligible for taking a number of advanced certifications.



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