Compass Test

COMPASS test is time free, computerized and adaptive college placement assessment test which helps students to evaluate their skills and capabilities and place you in right course. The core purpose of this test is to put each student in right course. Every organization sets the standard for minimum acceptable scores of COMPASS.

The COMPASS test consists of reading, writing and math test. Students get their results immediately after the completion of their test and it includes your placements messages that will inform you what courses you should take.

COMPASS test is basically designed to assist advisors in placing students in the appropriate level of English and math courses for student success

COMPASS test also point out students strong and weak areas in which you may need help. COMPASS test easily identifies your weaknesses in subjects that you need more study and efforts. It gives the opportunity to perform best in your courses. COMPASS is an adaptive test that actually measures students’ skills in reading, writing and mathematics to determine willingness for college-level courses in these areas.

COMPASS is a computerized adaptive test that measures skills in reading, writing and mathematics to determine willingness for college-level courses in these areas. In reading section, one passage is provided to students to read and answer the questions about the passage. In writing section, students are asked to mark the grammatical errors in a given essay. In math section, students are asked to solve the mathematical questions that are related to fractions, elementary algebra, coordinate geometry, basic operations with integers.

The simplest way to prepare for the COMPASS test preparation is to take COMPASS practice test which provides complete information about the COMPASS exam. Practice COMPASS test are mostly free and without of any cost and available at Internet by the name of COMPASS test study guide. In websites there is also a COMPASS test math practice. Taking COMPASS practice test for math can develop skills in yourself to answer all the questions correctly with tips and tricks. Subject vise COMPASS test practices are also available like practice COMPASS math test, COMPASS writing test and COMPASS reading test.

The COMPASS test is taken in computer which means that computer gives harder questions when they are successful in answer basic COMPASS test questions. In the same way, students who answer wrong are posed simple questions. COMPASS test score chart don’t tell about passing or failing scores, they identify the strength and stronger area of every student. In the end with results, students are given recommendations for courses in which they can perform well. Students are more like to encourage take that course in which they are strong. Like if someone have good mathematical skills, then he/she will be assigned to a class that strengthens his/her skills. So you can easily get high COMPASS test scores.

The COMPASS placement test is a computer based test and there is no time limit. So for better performance, students take all the time they need. The average student can complete their COMPASS test in 3 hours but it can extend up to 4 hours.

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