CISSP Requirements

Certified Information System Security Professional is the credential for professionals who develop policies in the information security. This is specifically made for those who want to build their careers in a professional field. If you have been working for five full years in the field of information security, this is now your time to go for CISSP. It will surely increase your credentials and uplift your career magically. CSSIP was the first credential created in the field of information security accredited by ANSI. It is not only a measure of excellence but it is also recognized globally as an objective of professional security.

As for as going for CSSIP,; there are certain CSSIP requirements one needs to fulfill. Here, top 5 of them are being discussed. These requirements for CSSIP certification make sure that a candidate is eligible for getting the certified stamp. Below are the domains of CSSIP;, one of the essential requirements for CSSIP exam is that you must have 5 years experience in two or more of these following domains:.

• Access Control
• Application Security
• Cryptography
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
• Information Security and Risk Management
• Legal Regulations, compliance and Investigation
• Operation Security
• Physical Security
• Security Architecture and Design
• Telecommunication and Network Security

To have working experience in two of the above mentioned domains is one of the CSSIP exam requirements,. Wwithout having which, one cannot qualify for CSSIP exam. One year experience can be replaced or substituted if the candidate is having a four year college degree or education.

The second requirement is the testimonial of the first one. It means that a candidate must attest a truth to his professional experience. He must agree with CSSIP code of Ethics. This is not very alien condition, as before entering in any of the systems,; it is a ritual to respect and follow its code of ethics or the prescribed conduct.

CSSIP requirements 2010 also included an educational and informative part in it. It is for the purpose to judge and know the level of awareness of the candidate. A candidate has to answer four questions on criminal history and related background. It is a measure of the interest of a candidate in his profession and it also reflects the high level of proficiency if these questions are answered correctly and reasonably. Without meeting this requirement, one may not be able to qualify for CSSIP certification.

Third one is to pass CSSIP exam. It has 1000 points, and for the to succeedss, a candidate must have to secure 700. The exam consists of 250 questions. Among them,; 25 are experimental and these are not graded. The pattern of the exam is MCQS. Each question is given with the four options and athe candidates has have to choose the best possible one.

A candidate must have a qualification endorsed by another CSSIP. This endorsement is an attest that the candidate is having has the experience to the best of his profession.

By meeting these 5 CSSIP certification requirements, one can surely go for the real achievement.

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