CISSP Certification

Information technology is one of the most important aspects in today’s society, which helps job seekers in their search for employment. Security certification is one such important program. One of the significant certification is CISSP, which stands for information system security professionals.This course is mainly intended for the professionals who want to specialize in the particular domain. CISSP certification is granted from a non- profit association known as (ISC) 2. (ISC) 2 is recognized as international information systems security certification consortium.

First of all, the candidate must fulfill a set of requirements. After that, he or she will be considered. It is compulsory for the professionals to have at least 2 to 5 years of practice in any of the subjects mentioned below. Then, the candidate must submit an application form, which costs around $500. Apart from this, the candidate must also have a college graduation degree and three to four years of job experience is required. The candidate must also be in agreement with terms and conditions of the CISSP policy of moral code.

Then, the second phase consists of the actual exam. This exam usually consists of multiple-choice questions which that covers various subjects related to particular fields of information systems security. The subject matter is interrelated to access control system, physical and environmental security, operational and networking security, setting up for disaster recovery and business continuity, general idea of Cryptography, telecommunications and legal inspection and observance.

The questions are not set related to the subject, but they are arbitrarily arranged. A total time of Six hours is fixed for the examination. Almost 250 questions are asked. The questions are not very tough for a well-informed person who has been working in the related domains. About 70% of the people who give the examination achieve a passing score. The candidate should achieve 700 points or above in the exam to pass it.

After obtaining the required score, an endorsement is required from a professional who has already achieved the CISSP certification and can confirm your his professional experience in the field. The professional who attests should be in the good books, which meansing that they he should adhere to the code of ethics, keep their payment records clean and continue professional development. There are many computer based training facilities available online. Apart from them, one can also refer to related books and DVDs. There are also online conveniences of practice exams, study handbooks, self test engines and certification tutorials. This qualification becomes a lot easier if so you can relate the courses around with your professionlife.

The CISSP certification is internationally recognized. It shows that the person not only understands information security, but is also dedicated to the line of work. An individual who has an CISSP certification is ranked highly in terms of standards. Their careers will be fulfilling in terms of security scheme for corporations that need the desired ability of a CISSP certified professional. If you want to excel in your IT career, then CISSP might be an important route to take.

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