The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification from The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium is arguably the most sought-after and widely accepted certification in the information security industry. It ’has become established as the standard baseline for demonstrating knowledge and proving expertise in this sphere.

This includes topics as diverse as risk management, cryptography, compliance with regulations, telecommunications security, and security architecture design. Experienced technicians who have worked for several years in these fields are the target market for this exam, and industry professionals will greatly benefit from the extra prestige that passing it confers.

Compared with most other technical certification exams, the CISSP examguide is quite long. Passing the test requires not only the prerequisite knowledge to answer the questions correctly, but the stamina and mental fortitude to get through the six-hour, 250-question paper-based exam. For an information security professional, preparing for the cissp CISSP exam is a little bit like a runner preparing to race in a marathon.

Don’t fret, though. It can be done. There are plenty of CISSP exam guides out there in the world as a proof that you can pass the exam. Here are some guides that I recommend to prepare for this challenge and give yourself the best possible chance of success.

The sheer volume of information covered in the exam makes it difficult, if not impossible, to learn about everything in depth. Rather than trying to learn in a vacuum, so to speak, and not knowing which components of a given subject area is truly important, try to get adequate and important knowledge about the subject.

There are a number of excellent cissp CISSP books that you can use to help you prepare for and pass the CISSP exam. Study guides and exam preparation books can help boil down the mass amounts of information and assist you in keying in on the critical components you need to remember to pass the exam.

Another way to get hands-on experience, especially in areas you’ are not currently focused on at work, is to set up your own mini lab. Use old or virtual computers to experiment with different operating systems and security configurations.

When the economy dips and budgets get tightened, one of the first things to go for from corporate spending is cissp CISSP certification training. There are plenty of courses, boot camps and cram sessions that promise to prepare you for the CISSP exam, but they are exceptionally expensive. As much as possible, for your own benefit, you should look for resources that are free, such as cissp CISSP books’ free download, and cissp CISSP books pdf. provides tThe exchange of stories, issues and solutions among your peers will provide you with valuable real-world scenarios to learn, rather than just theoretical book knowledge.

Many of the study guides and CISSP preparation books come with a CD containing a practice exam or some sort of practice test. You can also get practice questions in the Web cast training sessions that can helps you to prepare for the entire course thoroughly and present you the matter in such a convenient way that it compels you to opt for cissp CISSP certification with an ease of time and money.

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