Cisco Certifications

This article will list down all the Hot Cisco Certifications that are offered to you.
The purpose of this article is to help answer the question what are the cisco certifications? There is a wide acceptance of the cisco certifications because of the end benefits to the candidate, the employer and the organization which the candidate works and the value addition it brings to the table. So it is not only aimed to benefit the Network Professional himself but also the organization he will end up working it. To start things of we would first discuss the levels of all cisco certifications that are offered and then move on the the cisco certifications list.  CISCO offers five different levels of cisco network certifications that are; Entry Level, Associate Level, Professional Level, Expert Level and finally the Architect Level. Apart from this there are also various types of cisco certifications which are different for different specializations, and it depends on you where is lies your area of expertise.
As you have understood the different levels now let us move on to the types of cisco certifications. Let us first take a look at the highest certification that is offered i.e. the Architect Certification. As like most other certification this is also considered as a cisco career certifications. The pre-requisite for this certificate is to clear the in-person exam, moderated by Cisco Exam Committee and in which the candidate has to defend his proposed network design.
The other cisco networking certifications are divided into groups; Bordering Networks Solutions, Collaboration Solutions, Data Centre Solutions and Service Provider Solutions. The Bordering Networks Solutions include the following certifications; Routing and Switching Certifications, Design Certifications, Network Security Certifications and Wireless Certifications. All these certifications including the cisco wireless certifications and cisco security certifications, include all the four levels. The entry level is the CCENT exam, the Associate Level include the cisco certifications ccna exams, the professional level includes the CCNP Exams, while the Expert Level includes the CCIE Exams.
Same is the case with other categories as well. The collaborative solutions include the cisco voip certifications, meaning the voice certifications. It also has the CCENT, CCNA, CCNP and CCIE exams as its different levels. The Data Centre Solutions include Storage Networking Certifications, while the Service Provider Solutions include the Service Provider Certification and the Service Provider Operations. Both of them include the four levels.
To pass these cisco certifications online, the important thing you need are Cisco Books. The cisco certifications cost is high, so you don’t want to waste this investment. The Cisco Books are a must have, because without them you would not get the proper guidance you require, nor will you get the proper practice. The Study Guides, Practice Exams and Reference Books are a must if you not only want to pass the Cisco Certification Exams, but also want that after clearing the cisco certifications salary should increase.

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