In order to succeed in the CCNP exam, a certain amount of hands on experience is always required. Therefore, it is essential to buy your own CCNP lab setup. A lot ofMany aspirants think buying a CCNP lab kit is going to cost them too much. However, with plenty of used routers available in the market, having your own lab kit is not expensive anymore.

A lot ofMany consumers hesitate in buying used equipment, however in case of Cisco routers and switches this is not a major concern since Cisco devices are durable and robust. A lot ofVarious online stores sell used and cheap Cisco devices cheaply. There is reasonable amount of confusion on which routers to In such a scenario, buying routers for lab kit can be quite confusing. Part of learning experience is to setup the lab piece by piece. However, for beginners, readymade CCNP home lab kits are also available in market.

In due course of buying CCNP lab equipment, few things should be kept in mind. Only those things should be bought which are required, such a one transceiver is required per AUI port on a Cisco router. Therefore, one transceiver per kit is enough to fulfill the requirement.

The other very important thing to be considered is that always look for the CCNP kit having updated guides. The kits having old CCNP lab guide are useless, as they do not meet the requirement of the candidate. AlsoIn addition, the CCNP lab guides/manuals have a price included in the overall price of the kit so don’t go for buying the guides, which are not meant for you.

There are various manuals such as CCNP route lab manual, CCNP switch lab manual, and CCNP tshoot lab manual. However, you can also download CCNP switch lab manual pdf file, and it will save you money as well.

Another noteworthy tip while buying a CCNP lab kits is to check the IOS version. The routers and switches have IOS version on them on which you have to work tilluntil the time IOS upgrades become accessible for you. A switch is not a necessary part of CCNP lab kit. This is because a very small portion of exam covers ‘hands on’ switch experience. Therefore, although experience with switch might be useful, but it is not necessary from exams’ perspective.

And afterAfter the completion of certification, the equipment can be sold again. There are options available for either selling it online, or to the same store from where it was bought initially. However, keeping the same equipment would be useful again sometime in future.

It is very important to be a bit cautious while purchasing personal lab CCNP kit. Moreover, you should not just rush into buying a CCNP switch lab or CCNP route lab kit without having a proper survey. You can also check out the CCNP online lab stores. If you are opting for the best CCNP lab kit in the best price, you should make wise decisions at right time, and you’ll be on your way to true success not only in the exam room, but also on your network.

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