CCNA Exam Questions

Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA is one exam that can be really rewarding for a person who wants a successful career in the Computer Networking Industry. CCNA is an exam designed by Cisco, which is based on the technicalities that are related to networking. During your exam, you have to complete CCNA modules, setting up an IP address and configuring a routing protocol such as RIP, OSPF or EIRGP. You will need to know how to implement VLAN, NAT and DHCP concepts.

Passing the CCNA exam requires a study plan. One important aspect of this plan is to schedule your study time. The best type of learning will be achieved when you focus on all the methods available out there. Some of the basic techniques to study are book study, practice exams and lab time on real Cisco equipment. Let us focus on book reading first. There are countless books that are written for the CCNA exams. But, it is better to opt for a book that focuses on main topics like binary math, sub-netting and router configuration. Refer to Todd Lammle’s CCNA exam guide. Also, refer to Ciscopress publications, which are written by Cisco Certified Internetworking Experts (CCIE). Also, read official CCNA books, which are mentioned in the course outline. Always take notes after studying theory and use a CCNA lab workbook. You can also watch free video tutorials for CCNA, which are available on the internet.

The second aspect of CCNA training is giving practice exams. This is one of the most successful approaches to learn after you have studied all the theory. Do not make them the main focus of your study. Use them as a supplement to your studies. These tests sharpen your skills and provide you with actual simulations of CCNA certification exams. Practice tests cover all aspects of the actual exam through various modules of networking. Some training institutes provide test material that is endorsed from Cisco. You can enroll for these CCNA training sessions online. These tests are the most helpful exam simulations. These companies also provide a self- organize-able learning module and a certification mode, which gives you a new test every time you log in. Be careful about selecting your practice test. A lot of websites do not update their tests in line with the additions made in the CCNA course content.

The best way to polish your skills before the exam is to have some hands-on experience on real Cisco equipment. A variety of CCNA kits are available online. Run lab tests on your Cisco equipment, and you will learn a lot more than studying through books.

Keep a cool head and study in advance, so that you have the best chances of success. Treat the exam as a stepping stone, which will lead to further professional certifications to boost your career. For all of you who want to prepare for the CCNA exam, taking either free or paid CCNA tests is an great option, as it not only offers the answers, but also gives a very sensible vision of the whole examination process.

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