CCNA Certification Exam

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) program is very popular globally, and it is the most popular certification program introduced by Cisco. It is an entry level certification program. This certification is recognized all over the world and gives credibility to Internet working professionals in the areas of routing, switching and connectivity. CCNA provides an IT professionals with a solid foundation for networking. After completing CCNA, one can boost his career by taking advanced certifications like CCNP, CCDP, and CCSP certifications.

Candidates have two options to approach the CCNA certification exam. One way is to give a single-exam path that includes exam 640-801. The second way is to take a two-exam path that includes exam 640-821 (Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies) and exam 640-811 (Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices). There are no prerequisites for CCNA certification. You only have to be familiar with the topics that are covered in each of the Cisco examinations. The exam questions have the following formats: multiple-choice single answer, multiple-choice multiple answer, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, and simulations. One should have good knowledge of the exam format, so that you spendt your efforts on exam taking rather than figuring out the exam tools.

The topics which are focused ion the CCNA exam are Access Lists, Switching, Routing protocols, Sub-netting and simulation, with sub-netting being the major domain of the CCNA exam. One needs to practice and understand each of the topics in detail. You need to build your speed in doing simulations. You can refer to CCNA 640-802 exam certification library simulator editions for practice. There are some scenario- based questions which that test your knowledge about configuration and listing commands as well as your ability to pay attention to detail, and your ability to analyze and troubleshoot scenarios. Time management is the key to getting a good score in the CCNA exam. The exam is 90- minutes long. One has to concentrate and be ready for a lot of calculations.

Performance in the CCNA examination depends on how well have you prepared yourself. One of the options is to get hold of a good CCNA exam certification guide and memorize it. Some of the good guide books include CCNA security official exam certification guide, CCNA voice official exam certification guide and CCNA icnd2 official exam certification guide. Other options include downloading the CCNA official exam certification library, so that you can get used to the terminology beforehand. You can also join a CCNA training course. After you have gone through memorizing the theory phase, the best way to test your knowledge is through CCNA certification practice exam. The CCNA practice question and answers will help you understand the exam structure. You will also need access to Cisco equipment. You can get this equipment over the Internet for free on various websites. There are online setups, where you can access a couple of routers to practice on.

The CCNA certification is an interesting exam and a good baseline certification for anyone working in networking. It gives you a great understanding of modern networking. And, this is really beneficial to boost your IT networking career. So, start preparing yourself for the CCNA certification exam!

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