USMLE Step 1

Obtaining a high USMLE step 1 score is a big challenge for most of the medical graduates and students. It is the exam most doctors wish to pass with competitive scores. Huge volumes of material like USMLE step 1 books, USMLE step 1 reviews, USMLE step 1 practice questions and even prep techniques like USMLE step 1 schedule are available in all the stores. Continue reading

USMLE Step 2

OWhen you start preparing for the USMLEStep 2, there is no doubt that you are under pressure. Maybe not as much as in Step 1, but there will be some pressure. Here are some tips for USMLE step 2 CS that are going to help you to get high marks in your exam.

Tip 1:

Firstly, get USMLE step 2 registration done for exam. Begin your study with a proper USMLE Step 2 study schedule. Continue reading


Medical students must know where they can get good information for step 2 CS USMLE to pass the exam. The simple answer is to get USMLE step 2 CS review and check out the questions. But, the key point is to get updated information that can benefit you. Some of the USMLE step 2 CS tips are mentioned here, so that you can study for the exam in the best way. Continue reading

USMLE Step 3

USMLE step 3 is the third USMLE exam necessary by LCME for new medical doctors. This exam is typically taken throughout medical residency. This exam experiments the clinical knowledge required for unconfirmed performance of medicine. Sufficient training is needed to do well on step 3 USMLE. Continue reading

USMLE Courses

United States Medical Licensing Examination assesses a graduate doctor’s ability to handle patient care safely and to apply the knowledge effectively. If you are a doctor and want to practice medicine in the US, you will be required to pass this exam. The exam is divided into three steps. The USMLE Step 1 exam checks whether you can apply concepts of sciences that form the basis of your practice as a doctor or not. Continue reading

SAT Practice

Many students get worried when it comes to giving the SAT test. The reason behind their worry is because they don’t know how exactly to get prepared for the test so that they could be able to make entry in college. SAT is designed in a way that assesses one’s knowledge and general reasoning and analyze whether a candidate appearing for the test is ready to enter in college or not. It comprises of three sections that are mathematics, critical reading, and writing. Continue reading

SAT Practice Test

In the past few years, the SAT, Scholastic Assessment Test, has become tougher and longer, making it necessary for students to prepare well in advance for it. SAT is a mandatory requirement by colleges in the United States for admissions into four-year undergraduate degree programs and in determining financial aid for students. SAT is used as a predictor of success and performance. Continue reading

SAT Prep

All the students of high school are familiar with sat prep courses. The best sat prep course will help the students to prepare by managing time and letting them pass the test. Time management is very important factor in sat prep course. Since all the questions are to be solved in specific time so students must be able to complete the test by managing the time. There are many students who are intelligent and have prepared from sat prep classes but they fail to pass just because of lack of time management. Continue reading

SAT Test

SAT test is a very important test for college admission. If you want to get admission in college of your choice, you must know about the standard acceptable score of SAT reasoning test of that particular college. Some colleges asked for higher SAT score. Scoring high in SAT test will allow you to enjoy your college life to the fullest. Continue reading

SAT Courses

People often ask what is sat exam? The most common test that is used to asses student’s knowledge in various subjects is called SAT. sat exam includes subjects of math, reading and writing. It can assess the thinking capabilities of students and the scores of exam can help them to get admission in colleges. All the scores of sections of exam sat range from 200 to 800. Continue reading