A+ Training

The main duties duty of an IT technician are is to maintain servers and computer systems. Then there are furthermore duties, which involve connecting new hardware, creating networks, and updating software. There is a need for an IT technician in almost every organization. SoTherefore, if you want to choose a career in this rapidly expanding field, then you should opt for the CompTIA A+ certification. It is a professional qualification offered by CompTIA, and it is recognized worldwide. The candidate will be required to have a firm understanding of computer hardware, and software, and also a little working experience.

Once you have qualified as an A+ certified technician, your career options will widen considerably. There are a lot ofmany jobs in public and private sector, including all the major firms of the IT market. An IT technician can work with various setups and hence IT technicians are never limited to one environment. They can shift from one sector to the other very easily.

The A+ certification is an entry- level certification. It teaches you all that are is expected from you as an IT technician, including the areas you might wish to specialize in after you have qualified. SoTherefore, once you have successfully passed the A+ certification exam, you can opt for further certifications to increase your worth as an IT technician.

The latest upgraded version of the A+ examination, 2009, consists of two multiple- choice exams. They both are computer based, having duration of ninety minutes each and consisting of one hundred questions. In order to prepare successfully for the A+ certification, one should learn about a wide spectrum of topics.

The topics which are covered in the A+ Essentials exam are, Hardware and Software maintenance and configuration, Troubleshooting and Repair, Operating Systems, Networking, Security and Telecommunications.

The second examination, which is the Practical Application exam is a demonstration of your skill and knowledge, whether you are able to apply your understanding correctly. This exam includes the following topics: Hardware, Operating Systems, Networking, and Security. Out of these four, Hardware is of the utmost importance. All the questions in this exam are scenario based, asking for solutions related to troubleshooting of different hardware and software.

An A+ certified IT technician is expected to earn around 15,000 onwards per year, rising up to 40,000 depending on experience. SoTherefore, it is a wise decision to invest in your future by taking the A+ certification, which is a highly recognized qualification. This qualification is quite cheaper as compared to a university degree.

Its combination of theory and the practical aspects will widen your understanding of the systems, as well as repairing computers and servers safely. It is a complete qualification in itself, which educates you about varied mixture of computer knowledge and application, making it an important qualification in the work place and for yourself as a professional. So if you want to take your career as an IT technician to great heights then start climbing the ladder by preparing for your A+ certification exam.

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