The history of A+ Cert Exam, The topics covered and all in all the path to any Any Comptia A+ Cert Exam.
The a+A+ cert is basically designed to show the skill and ability of a technician of computers technician. The a certA cert covers topic of operation systems and technologies of Microsoft, Linux, Apple etc. The a A plus cert was first created back in 1993. Since then it has been validated and changed back in 2003, 2006 and 2009, while it is divided in to 2 different exams.

In 2003 the a certA cert test contained two exams namely the Hardware Exam and Operating System Technologies Exam. This format was discontinued on 2007. In 2006 the a certA certification exam contained the Essentials Exam and you had to choose the other from a list of different technician exams. Finally in 2009 a A plus certification was updated again and was divided into the Essential Exam and Practical Exam.

For one to pass the a certA certification examination, he has now it is substantial to pass two exams. The first as discussed above is the Essentials Exam. This exam was designed to test the person’s basic skills and abilities of becoming an entry-level Information Technology Technician, who at least has an experience of five hundred hours in the lab or related area.

To successfully pass this examination, it would be helpful to get the a certA certification practice test as well as the a certA certification study guide. This guide will help you to understand the basic of computers, networking, and its security features. Other than that, you need to learn about the components of computers such as its hardware, accessories, networking etc. Once you clear this exam, the in the a certification jobs you will be expected to understand the functionality of operating systems, as well as troubleshooting the networking and related problems, and also communicate effectively with IT professionals.

The other exam you are expected to pass it is the Comptia A+A+ Practical Application Exam. This exam is a perfect test for the entry- level technicians, as it determines and assesses if he/she is able to practically apply his/her knowledge practically in terms of software, hardware, and operating systems.

People who have passed the Comptia A+A+ Certification Examinations have generally been able to land in their first of entry- level jobs. This should not be the end of attaining certifications.

People should then strive for the higher or intermediate certifications Comptia has to offer as well. There are exams such as the Comptia Networking + Examination, Security+ Examinations, Server + Examinations, Linux+ Examinations, Project+ Examinations, and there are numerous others.

These examinations are a higher form of certifications, which you must clear so that you are considered an expert in a specialized field. This would back up you the experience you gained, while it also helps you attain higher paid jobs as well.

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