Safety of the Original Content of Your Website is in Danger

Just like in the real world, we have stealers and filchers on internet who can’t sit in comfort unless they copy some content from another source and show it off as their own.It has become quite a daunting thought for many website owners who have done hard work and paid high salaries to professionals for writing original content for their websites. However, there are always nice and easy ways to deal with such circumstances and especially these types of people. There are a few things that you must do at your end for prevention and then there are others that need corrective actions. Continue reading

Reduce Costs with Free Plagiarism Detector

With so much plagiarism taking place these days despite all the prevention technology and legal actions, it is has now become inevitable to use plagiarism detection software for keeping the content of your website or blog safe. You could always end up seeing the original content of your website on another website. So, all the efforts put behind your work have been destroyed by a plagiarist. Furthermore, to catch further plagiarists before they get all the traffic on their website by using your content, you will have to buy plagiarism detection software and this will take your costs up. Continue reading

Plagiarism Is a Friend to Many Bloggers

Before answering the question whether plagiarism is a friend to a blogger or an enemy we must see which side are we standing on – the blogger who plagiarizes or the one whose content has been copied. If only you were devoid of any realistic thoughts and all you had in you was optimism, you would have considered plagiarism a friend to bloggers. Of course, the person whose content is being copied will think high of their content and feel happy that their content is worthy of being copied by others – that’s when you are devoid of realistic thinking as mentioned above. Continue reading

Plagiarism Detectors Bring End to an Era

By looking at the title man people might get infuriated that they never plagiarized or copied stuff from others and when they picked content from someone they always cited it. These people can rest assured because the title only refers to a widespread practice that had become very common in the past few years but was brought to an end, at least to some extent, with the help of plagiarism detectors. Plagiarism detector is a very general term and it could even mean people who are expert in catching plagiarism in various types of content, i.e. videos, audios, text etc. So we can say that now commonly being used, plagiarism detectors bring end to an era of content piracy, especially from online media. Continue reading

Reasons Why Online Marketers Should Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is quite a popular subject among online marketers and rightly so.If there is something completely prohibited for online marketers, it is plagiarism. While you will still find people in the field who will try to justify this act or tell you various ways of plagiarism without getting caught, these things still don’t make plagiarism a legal and acceptable action. There are several reasons why online marketers should avoid plagiarism and some are so crucial that if ignored can lead to lawsuits and other legal actions. Some of the most important reasons are given below. At the end, it is all dependent on you and your inner conscience as in all other matters of life.

For Ethical and Moral Reasons

Before a man thinks about his profession or career, he naturally gets a sense of right and wrong. Is it right to take someone’s content, put it on your website and then call it your own or wrong? No one can answer this better than your conscience and that’s when you gauge your actions as ethical or unethical. In a nutshell, it makes you a very pitiless marketing person when you start copying content from another source without citing its original owner.Is being answerable to yourself a big thing for you? The decision is yours to make.

For Legal and Law Related Reasons

You have to avoid plagiarism in copying written content, articles, reviews, images, videos and any other form of information for legal reasons as well. You could face lawsuits for copying someone’s content, especially when it is copyrighted content. Furthermore, it is not necessary for the owner of the original content to catch you: anyone who recognizes that the content you are using is from someone else could pull you into court. In simple words, you might have to pay heavy fines and in some cases, spend some time behind the bars for breaking the copyright rules.

For The Sake Of Profession and Career

If you earn your livelihood from writing then you definitely don’t want to go even close to plagiarism. You could have a big blow on your professional career if your content is caught as plagiarized content. For example, if you are writing as an online freelance writer for various employers and they catch your content as copied content with the help of software, you might lose the money you were supposed to get against your work. Your employer could warn other employers about this act as well and this could end your professional career.

For the Benefit of Others

More than your professional career, the websites and companies you write for are faced by dangers when you provide them with copied content. If the content that you copied from another source without mentioning the owner’s name is put on the website by your employer, he could have his website thrown out of the rankings. Getting thrown out of search engine results means a loss of millions of dollars on a monthly basis for bigger companies. At the same time, it destroys the reputation of that company among its competitors and consumers as well.

Why Plagiarism Is Considered a Major Limitation

If you have just picked writing as a profession or part time profession, you might want to get some idea about plagiarism. While it is a major limitation and boundary outside which the writers could become liable of legal actions against them, it is still in practice and many people lose their credibility due to plagiarism every day. It is better that you research and know more about plagiarism before you start writing for an employer on a professional basis.Plagiarism is like a plague for freelance writers and that’s why they should be most careful about it. Continue reading

Plagiarism Claims and PLR Disasters

Talking about plagiarism claims is fun because it sounds so similar to what students used to do in their exams while copying stuff from their neighboring students. So, many students might consider their act pretty justified since the “grown ups” are doing the same. It’s just that when you used to copy stuff in exam it was called copying or cheating but a more professional and formal term for the same type of work is plagiarism. Of course, you were never given a choice to quote the original writer’s name and work in your paper sheet to get away with it – definitely a pun intended. Continue reading

Media Plagiarism Done Across Mediums

The title is pretty clear and might split the readers in two groups: one saying yes and the other one saying no in title’s response. Then there are people who could get very furious on the issue probably because they have faced an instance in the past where there content might have been copied by someone. Ask yourself the same question in a different way: would you allow someone else to take the credit of what you have done with so much hard work and efforts? Moreover, how would you feel when you see the person who took the credit for your work getting admirations from all around? Continue reading

Understand Plagiarism Consequences & Penalties and How to Avoid Plagiarism

There are a lot of Plagiarism Checkers available online which can be used to make sure that the content of an article, report, thesis, project proposal, and dissertation are original. It will be disliked by anyone whose content is copied. Copying content is just like as stealing the written text but fortunately there are several tools available which are capable to catch this theft very easily. Plagiarism is equally discouraged by the schools, colleges, universities, and web marketing companies. Continue reading