ITIL V3 Exam

ITIL which stands for the IT Infrastructure Library is the most acknowledged IT Service Management certification all over the world. It is endorsed by the prestigious APMG and is reviewed through an objective examination.
There are four stages to the ITIL V3 qualification, each of which when successfully completed, leads to the next. The candidate attains certain number of modules or credits after the completion of each stage. Once a candidate has earned 22 credits, the ITIL V3 Diploma is awarded. The greatest rank of the qualification is ITIL Master, which is evaluated through peer review, examinations and simulations. This level calls for extensive practical experience of IT Service Management.

The ITIL Foundation module is the entry level certification exam for all ITIL V3 students. It is worth 2 credits, which are obtained by passing the ITIL Foundation level examination. It is designed for anyone who needs to have an initial understanding of what ITIL is. The ITIL Foundation module comprises of the following domains: Service Management, The Service Lifecycle, Key notions of ITIL, Important terminology used within ITIL, major processes important to ITIL and basic Technology and architecture. The ITIL Foundation exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions which are to be solved in 60 minutes. The candidate must score at least 65% in order to pass the exam.
The next stage is the ITIL Intermediate module. There are nine Intermediate level modules, each having a worth between 3 and 4 credits. The candidate has to earn a total of 15 credits in order to appear for the ITIL V3 Diploma. All credits are earned through presence of taking part in approved training courses and passing the ITIL modular exams. The Intermediate level exams are 90 minutes and one has to obtain at least 70% to pass.
The Intermediate-level qualifications are independent and are meant for those individuals who want to strengthen their knowledge of particular elements within ITIL Service Management, or who want to gain the ITIL V3 Diploma.
After obtaining the ITIL v3 Foundation and ITIL intermediate module, one final synoptic module is essential in order to achieve the ITIL V3 Diploma. This module is worth 5 credits and is called ‘Managing across the Lifecycle’.
You need to learn about all the relevant knowledge of ITIL related topics before applying for the certification. Learn more about ITIL v3 foundation exam questions and its related areas online. You can also move forward your certificate to Q qualification Scheme. Get proper reading materials and a good ITIL v3 foundation exam study guide on the ITIL website which is formed and approved by the office of government commerce. The definitions and terminologies used all over the V3 core volume can help you succeed in this field of Information Technology. Test your knowledge through ITIL v3 sample exams which can be reached online. So, you don’t need to make a great effort looking for ITIL practice exam. Get enrolled in a good training institute and get hold of all the basic information you need to pass the ITIL exam successfully.

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