ITIL Certifications

Like many other certifications, ITIL certification is also very popular among the IT professions. The main reason of its popularity is its world wide acceptance and recognition. If you are an expert professional in IT, you have a clear understanding that a person needs to keep him/herself updated as new technologies are being introduced and implemented on daily basis. If you are still new in this field, you should be ready for the upcoming challenges, but keep in mind that you can achieve your goals if you accept these challenges with confidence and make you plans accordingly.

ITIL v2 certification has made a huge impact in the market, and now its most recent version ITIL v3 certification gives an opportunity for IT professionals to make up their career. The ITIL foundation certification facilitates candidates to learn the ITIL terminologies. This certification is based on the preliminary knowledge, which is required for further higher-level certifications.

ITIL v3 foundation certification aims to verify the basic understanding of the service level management. The main aim of this certification is to test the knowledge of the candidate for further tough certifications. The ITIL certification path is composed of three levels of certification including ITIL foundation, ITIL practitioner and ITIL service manager certification. All these 3 levels come after the other and the toughness level of the exam, and the course increases as you move on to the next level.

Before you move towards the ITIL certification, it is very important to first clear your concept about what is ITIL certification? ITIL basically stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL aims to provide the organizational structure, and skills development for an IT organization.

Normally ITIL certification fees are from $150-$160 and the candidate can take ITIL certification exam at the Vue and Prometric test centers. However, you need to get the most updated information regarding these things from the official website to avoid any inconvenience.

Although the ITIL certification cost is almost the same, but the various training institutes often provides different trainings before the exam for preparation, and these training costs are different in different regions. The candidate is awarded the ITIL foundations certification after passing the necessary exams, which varies according to the level the candidate, has opted for.

Many websites provide an opportunity for you to get ITIL certification online material and exam question, and use them for your preparation. As described above that ITIL practitioner certification is one of the levels of ITIL certification in fact the second level, and you to work much hard for this level then the foundation level, choose the best ITIL certification books by consulting professional people and your training institute.

It is highly recommended to try ITIL certification test as many online tests are available, which will give you a clear idea of your preparation and in which areas you need to work hard. Overall, it’s a tough certification, but your good preparation and right decision can make your path easy for this certification.

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