GMAT Scoring

The GMAT scoring scale comprise of a GMAT scoring percentile, and the scaled score. The GMAT scoring system takes into account four aspects of the test; verbal score, quantitative score, and the total scaled score while the fourth part is based on the GMAT essay scoring, essay is scored independently.

In order to understand the GMAT scoring breakdown, you can see GMAT scoring tables and GMAT scoring charts available on different websites free of cost. Although, the GMAT scoring grids and tables are not hard to figure out, if you cannot get how it is done, you can always use online GMAT scoring calculators. Scoring GMAT high score requires both skill and knowledge, if you know how to offset your weak areas with your strengths, you can do a lot with GMAT scoring system. For example, according to the tables, it can be determined that verbal scoring is more important that quantitative one, so you can pay more attention to the verbal section.

Remember that the GMAT test scoring is based on how good your aptitude is. In order to excel, you must master the fundamentals especially for the math portion and sentence correction. Improve your skills by working under time constraints. Allocate yourself a time limit and finish the work within that time. Practice from sample test questions and CAT format as much as you can.

When preparing for a high score, like scoring 700 in GMAT, you will have to rely on your hard work, there is no other way. Since it is a computer-based exam, it is totally different from your other regular tests. The computer starts with medium difficulty questions and proceeds according to your aptitude, so scoring the GMAT high score will involve paying extra attention to the first few questions, but this does not mean that you do not have to manage your time, other questions are important too.

While attempting the passage-based questions, make sure you answer from the knowledge given in the passage rather than from your own knowledge on the subject. Examine each passage critically jotting down the main points given in it. If at any point, you do not know the answer to some question, do not panic, just try to eliminate those choices, which are completely irrelevant, and then make a guess. Scoring in GMAT requires vigilance as well as right state of mind; you should have a positive attitude about everything. Please note that leaving a question unanswered will have a harsher penalty than attempting it wrong. If you are left with no time at the end, just eliminate wrong answers and try to make intelligent guesses.

It is important that you complete your preparation in time, and leave nothing for the last day. Panicking and straining your brain will not do you any good. Take a good night sleep and relax your brain a day before the test. Have confidence and positive energy when you go for the test.

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