Cisco CCNA Exam

It is essential to make the most out of your study time. Every minute is precious indeed. It’s never too late! Learn to make the most of your 24 hours and spend them in the most effective way that will help you earn the best marks.
First of all, no matter what exam it may be, a study plan needs to be created. Create a document to track your study time. Having done that you have done half your job and planned when and how are you going to study. Nevertheless, the study schedule must be followed completely without any exceptions. Determination is the secret to hard work and hard work, secret to success. While you are studying its incumbent to stay away from your gadgets and not let them become a hindrance in your study. to get something you got to loose something. And for accomplishment of a high goal, certain sacrifices must be made. The world can wait for90 crucial minutes. its better to give your best 90 minutes to your study rather than 180 minutes of constantly interrupted study. CCNA candidates generally split their time between book study, practice exams, and lab time on real Cisco equipment. However, the best study consists of a combination of all of these and NOT a major concentration on any one of these. Through experience it could be said that book study to become affiliated with the basic theories is essential. Mostly books just give a brief description of some important topics such as binary math and subnetting and don’t go beyond theory and ignore explanations on topics such as router configs and real world examples. as they say practice makes the man perfect. Practice exams supplement study. even at CCNA level practice exams taken at a moderation are a must but they shouldn’t be made the main focus. Also most candidates tend to spend money uselessly on tons of practice papers, money which could be better spent on Cisco practice equipment. Already the fee of Cisco examinations range from US$250. But it should be kept in mind not to depend on them thinking that the final exam would be just like the practice exam. Since CCNA exam consists of two parts, one theory and the other practical lab work. Candidates tend to focus more on the theory rather than the lab work which is wrong. People learn from mistakes is what we all know. Therefore, candidates do their best learning whether they are configuring their router or messing or screwing something up. When you make a mistake you find it and try to fix it. Through this drill, you learn NOT to make it again. Which is the main point? That’s how you develop your troubleshooting skills. You can read about everything but you can’t bring it into practice or use until you have experienced it.
You wouldn’t want to fall into the category of those who are scared to have to create a VLAN or an access list, you should be the one confident to be able to perform any CCNA task and that would only be possible if you put up your own practice lab together. Talking about learning you will run into certain questions you would be unable to have an answer to, get used to using Google but first test you own skills. Trying to find an answer yourself is another troubleshooting skill that you need to develop.
Moreover the study tips for CCNA Cisco exam are somewhat similar to the basic study techniques to any other previous exam you have given therefore do not panic.

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