A+ Study Guide

Comptia A+ certification is an entry- level certification, which validates the basic knowledge of PC support. As a starting point, this certification scope covers installation, networking, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and security. In addition to this, the Comptia A+ technicians have outstanding communication skills to deal with the clients.

To earn the certification, you need to pass the two exams and demonstrate that you have 500 hours of hands-on experience in the related field. First exam attends to the theoretical portion while the second exam is an extension of the first focusing more on the practical questions. There are twenty such questions, which do not count towards your total score but are kept in record for future reference. However, you are not told what questions count and what do not count.

To prepare for the test, you can either choose to study on your own or invest in some professional training center. Study resources are easily available on various websites for free. However, if you opt to for self-study, enroll yourself in some online training program and register with good forums where you can keep yourself updated. Make sure to visit the official website at least a few times.

Online resources include free books, practice exams, and A+ study guide. Books, which are generally written on the topics included in the exams might not be of much use; if you can find specific material that would be awesome. Practice exams, on the other hand, are specifically designed for the exam purpose and include exam type questions. You should use these to have an extensive practice. For practical exams, you can use simulated content. Learn by heart the IRQs, I/O addresses, steps of the laser printing process, DMA channels, and speeds/L2 cache of processors.

The A+ certification study guides are the best resource available for exam prep. They have all exam topics covered in sufficient detail. Moreover, exam reviews, practice questions and elaborated technical details are also included. Study guides can be found over the internet; proprofs.com is a website offering free study guide for Comptia A+.

Step- by- step instructions make it easy to grasp the concepts and industry best practices mentioned in the guides keep you updated with the market needs. Comptia.org is another very good source for free training. They have study guides which are offered free of cost. They are a source of great learning opportunity.

However, before you choose a study guide make sure it is reliable and in line with the exam. The IT certifications keep on changing rapidly with the evolving technology so the latest versions like A+ study guide 2010 and study guides 2011 are a secure choice.

Reviewing and attempting the past test questions is important too. They will give you an insight on the exam and will help you get familiarize with it. Past Comptia A+ exam questions can also be easily found on various websites. Extensive practice of the exam questions will help you pass the original test easily.


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